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Is Cleaning my heating vents needed?

sneezing - Heater repair services in PhiladelphiaFor those homes in Philadelphia that utilize a forced air heating system that relies on ductwork to channel the heated air throughout the home, you may have noticed clouds of dust or even odd smells when you fired up your heater for the winter; this more than likely was a result of a buildup of dust and debris in your heating ductwork. Daniels HVAC has been serving the needs of Philadelphia homes for over 25 years. Our experience in the different areas of heating for your home gives us a unique perspective and ways to help you live a more comfortable and problem free winter. Take a look at some of the information about the need for, and how to properly clean, your forced air heating ductwork in your Philadelphia home.

Allergy Sufferers Beware

Because the ductwork in your Philadelphia home is something you don’t generally think about throughout the year it is the ideal nesting place for dust, allergens, debris, fungus and mold that can easily cause allergy sufferers to have a miserable winter season as well as make it easier to get sick. While many Philadelphia residents are never affected by allergens it can certainly make for an uncomfortable time for many that suffer from these allergens. Properly cleaning the vents and ductwork can significantly cut down on reactions from the debris and contaminants that can often build up inside of the ductwork.

Location, Location, Location

It is the location of the floor vents that is most common in Philadelphia homes that makes them most susceptible for collecting dust and debris. Because they are on the floor they collect dirt just like your carpet and floors do, only the dirt builds up around the vents or goes down into the ductwork making it more difficult for your vacuum cleaner or mop to resolve. Because the floor vents are traditionally positioned within the walkway, the vent can act like a cheese grater on the bottom of your shoes knocking the dirt off and into the ductwork. This dirt can combine with the dust pulled into the system from the return vent and create a hodgepodge of dirt and debris into your ductwork system. Unattended over a period of time this can create mold, fungus and other allergens that can start to put off a foul smell.

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Can I save money and clean the ductwork myself?

Cleaning Heater Vents - Heater repair services in PhiladelphiaWhile Daniels HVAC does recommend the regular and general cleaning of the heating vents, the ability of the standard homeowner to be able to effectively clean the ductwork within the home is very difficult. Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia utilizes special tools and techniques to properly clean the ductwork to remove dirt, debris, mold and other contaminants. While utilizing long vacuum hoses may sound effective it can sometimes just push the larger particles further down into the system, making it more difficult later on. Not to mention, for most Philadelphia homes ductwork is not simply going straight lines; the ductwork bends and twists within the walls moving around electrical wires and water pipes, so having the proper equipment is a must.

What is the best way to keep my ductwork clean?

The simplest and most effective way to help keep your ductwork clean is to regularly change your filters. Even cheap HVAC filters do a good job of catching particles that can continue to circulate through your forced air heating system when replaced every 30 days. More expensive filters can work better on the finer particles that can often result in allergens and often say you can go up to 90 days between changing, we do not recommend any filter being in the system that long. Regardless the filtering capacity the filter you should still regularly replace the filters to remove the contaminants every 30 days.

Do electrostatic filters really work?

Actually yes. Electrostatic HVAC filters installed into your Philadelphia home can bring an added layer of protection as the electrical current creates a drawing effect for dust particles that pulls and traps them in the filter material. While I’m not sure it’s fully justifies the price that some of them are going for, they actually do have a measurable reduction in dust circulation within the home.

When Experience Counts

Daniels HVAC has been the go to heating expert in Philadelphia for over 25 years. We know how important it is to be able to get a heating system expert out quickly; but just as important is one that will treat you fairly. We pride ourselves in living and working in the same community in which we serve; Philadelphia has always been our home and suspect it always will be. Call us if you need heating repair, maintenance or installation of a variety of different heating systems. We are backed and certified by a number of manufacturers as well as fully licensed and insured.

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