Air conditioning installation Philadelphia

Air conditioning installation

MAN DOING AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATIONAir conditioning is a vital element that should be present in every busy in-house environment. It helps in controlling humidity, ventilation, and temperatures of a building to aid in the maintenance of cool atmospheric conditions.

Air conditioners help to move heat from inside your home to outside, thus cooling you and your home.

Types of Air Conditioners.

There are different types of air coolants, grouped according to the methods used in air conditioning installations.

  • Window air conditioner.

Window air conditioner is one of the most standard air conditioners among single rooms. For you to have such an air conditioner, all the components including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve and cooling coil are enclosed in a single room.

  • Split air conditioner.

Split air conditioner encompasses two parts; the rustic unit and the indoor unit. The rustic/outdoor units are suited outside the room while the indoor unit includes the evaporator or cooling and the cooling fan. If you need to use this kind of air conditioning, you do not have to create any slot in the wall of the room.  Split units have aesthetic appeal and do not take up as much space as a window unit.  Normally, split air conditioning installation is mostly carried out on one to two rooms.

  • Packaged Air Conditioner.

Packaged air conditioners are best air coolants for more than two rooms or a larger open office. For packaged air conditioner, two arrangements are made; First, all components that are compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator are held in a single box. Secondly, the compressor and condenser contained in one casing. The compressed gas passes through individual units, constituted of the expansion valve and calming coil, located in various rooms.

  • Central Air Conditioning System.

This mode of cooling is mainly used in big buildings, house, offices, institutions and manufacturing factories. This style of conditioning is cost saving as air conditioning installation in every room for big institutions is expensive. Thus the central air conditioning is the most preferable among significant buildings.


Steps of Air Conditioning Installation.

Installation of air conditioners differs depending on the types of air conditioners. The kind of unit you purchase determines the procedure of installation. However, becoming mundane with the process will help you comprehend the work going on in your home so that you can ask questions along the way.

Take a look at general installation steps of installing the air conditioners.

  • Dismantle and haul away existing air conditioner materials.

 In case it’s a new house that you just moved into, and the air conditioners are worn out, make all related debris before starting the new install.

  • attain suitable permits and plan for vital inspections

Some air conditioning installation need permits from either the landlords or the homeowners. Ensure you obtain their permits to ensure you don’t land in court for violation of tenant’s codes and conducts.

  • Properly position and place.

Air conditioning installation is done in freely circulating areas. Hence the need for them to be strategically placed!

  • Make proper and safe connections

Determine the right size for all connections. From piping, electrical and refrigeration lines, your Safety is nonnegotiable!  

  • Install new thermostat

Reuse the existing thermostat for the regulation of temperatures to enhance activation of the device when the temperature reaches a certain point.

  • Charge and start the new system

After the installation of the thermostat charge and start the system according to the manual provided by the manufacturer.

  • Conduct a post-installation check

Finally, perform a post-installation check and then inspection to ensure your air conditioning installation is properly done.  


Air conditioning makes life so much more comfortable in various settings. You should not view it as a luxury in this day and age rather, as a necessity!