Freon & Refrigerant leak Detection

Daniels HVAC pricing menu for Freon leak detection service.

Leak detection can be a very tedious time consuming and tricky. It may take a few visits for us to rid your system of all leaks. there is 4 option in other works ways to get rid of leaks.

1 st pressure testing with Nitrogen 

2nd pressure testing with 1 lb of freon in a system with Nitrogen 

3rd pressure testing with freon in the system and add Ultraviolet Die fill system up with freon than add ultraviolet die the first 3 are ways to try to find the leaks not repair them the 4th is to just replace the HVAC system. In today’s market, most freon & refrigerant has combustible gases and toxic fumes which may be dangerous in confined spaces or occupied spaces. At Daniels HVAC we charge to buy the job, not the hour. To fix leaks in Air conditioning system cost range from $1000 to $1400 this is to do it right. If coils have to be replaced that the cost will be $3500 and up for some systems not all. This is why when you start your system up in the spring it’s important to get it checked out to make sure your system is top off with the right level of refrigerant. when your unit runs low with freon more leaks springs up because it freezes over like a block of ice.

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