Is a heat pump a good option for my home in Philadelphia?

heat pump units - Heat pump installation, maintenance and repair services in PhiladelphiaIt only takes a few minutes to Google heating systems in Philadelphia to get flooded with dozens of different types of heat sources that you can use for your Philadelphia home. Gas furnace, electric furnace, geothermal furnace, ductless heating system, baseboard heating system, forced air heating system… The list goes on for awhile. So which heating system is right for my Philadelphia home?

At Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia we’ve invested over 25 years of our experience in answering that very question…

The answer is: “Each heating system has its advantages and disadvantages and will vary on the individual customer need”.

If you spend a few moments going through the Daniels HVAC website you’ll see that we have information on a variety of different systems. This article will specifically focus on a heat pump heating system, how it works and whether it might be a good choice for you to heat and cool your Philadelphia home.

How does a heat pump work?

There are two main types of heat pumps:

  • Air source (pulling heat from the air)
  • Ground source (geothermal or pulling heat from the ground)

For this article we are going to concentrate specifically on the air source heat pump as this type of system would be most likely found in residential homes in Philadelphia.

A heat pump is an ingenious piece of technology that allows a single system to both heat and cool your home. Unlike a traditional gas furnace that needs to create heat via a heat source, a heat pump transfers heat that is collected from the outside air and transfers it inside to heat your home through an air handling system. Because it is simply collecting and pumping the heat from the outside ambient air temperature into your home, it’s not “creating heat” and therefore is a much more efficient way to heat your Philadelphia home rather than a system that needs to create heat to keep your home warm and comfortable. During the summer season the heat pump process is reversed; instead of creating cool air via “Freon”, it again is transferring the heat from inside to outside.

Because a heat pump, again, is not creating heat or creating cool temperatures but simply transferring the heat from one place to another is a much more efficient system and worthy of consideration for your Philadelphia home.

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Is a heat pump a good choice for my Philadelphia home?

heat pump image - Heat pump installation, maintenance and repair services in PhiladelphiaA heat pump is a very good consideration for your Philadelphia home. Because a heat pump functions by extracting heat from the ambient temperature outside it can effectively pull in heat from temperatures as low as 1°F. While we see that as cold, it actually means there’s 1 degree of heat temperature available that the heat pump can utilize as part of its process to heat your Philadelphia home. In those instances where a heat pump cannot effectively function (below zero temperatures) the heat exchanger can be equipped with a gas or electric backup that will engage when the heat pump can no longer be effective.

You may ask yourself “Why bother getting a heat pump if I still have to get a furnace to help it out?”

Answer: The heat pump is more efficient than a gas or electric furnace and therefore will handle 80 to 90% of the heating process bringing down your utility bill. Think of it as ultimately a hybrid car that contains an electric motor and a gas powered engine; the gas powered engine only works to back up the electric motor when it needs it… therefore you get better gas mileage because of the hybrid combination than you would be using one or the other.

Advancements in heat pump technology

When heat pumps came out 20 to 25 years ago they had developed a little bit of a bad reputation because of the need to defrost the coils on a regulating cycle decreasing its effectiveness. Because the technology principle of heat exchange was still very sound and efficient; advances have been made to increase its functionality and performance to the very efficient systems that Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia uses today. Because of the lack of moving parts, a heat pump has much lower maintenance costs than other traditional forms of heating as well as computer operated systems allows for the heat exchange process to work much more effectively than in previous heat pump systems. If your home is utilizing a heat pump heating system for your Philadelphia home that is over 10 to 15 years old, you should consider having Daniels HVAC perform an efficiency evaluation on your heating system to see if a newer heat pump system would help you with your monthly utility bill.

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When Experience Counts

Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia has been providing high quality and innovative technology services to Philadelphia for over 25 years. Always on the tip of technology we make sure that we are always prepared to bring the latest, most efficient and reliable heating and air-conditioning systems to Philadelphia. As a fully dealer trained and certified HVAC service we are also able to meet any challenge that may arise for your heat pump repair needs. There are a lot of HVAC repair services in Philadelphia many of them have not taken the time to become licensed, insured and bonded for HVAC repair services; therefore putting the risk for heating and air-conditioning service repairs on you! Be sure to trust the experts for HVAC repair in Philadelphia.

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