It’s Time to Stop Bringing Winter into Your Home!

It’s Time to Stop Bringing Winter into Your Home!

warming up by a house radiator It’s winter again, and although it’s the time to bring in the Christmas tree and the holiday cheer indoors, you don’t have to bring in the cold weather inside too! Heating Repair Company Philadelphia installs and repairs heating units in your home/business to keep everyone warm and comfortable this cold season. The company understands the importance of installing and repairing your heating system so as to contribute to positively: 

 1. Better Health

 Cold weather, especially when experienced indoors contributes to poor health particularly for the elderly, small children, and people who have been unwell for an extended period. However, a properly functioning heating system will keep your home/business warm and reduce cold-related health problems.

 2. Extended Life for the Heating System

Heating Repair Company Philadelphia realizes the importance of repair and maintenance of your heating system so as to extend its life. It will save costs in buying another heating unit too soon. Besides, depending on the manufacturer, some heating systems need to undergo periodic maintenance so as to uphold the device’s warranty.

 3. Maintains Business Productivity

Adequate warm temperatures in your business will encourage employee productivity as they will not suffer from the effects/discomfort of the cold. Customers will also be comfortably warm enough to browse through your shop for an extended period.

 Choosing a Heating System

The main two factors to consider when selecting heating device are –

 1.     Energy or Fuel Source

You should investigate on the most affordable and available source of fuel or energy so as to determine the type of heating device you would like to install. In Philadelphia, heaters can use propane, biodiesel, heating oil, geothermal energy, electricity, and solar energy which have recently emerged and can save on electricity bills.

 2. Distribution System

Most heating systems use water or forced air already heated. The only difference comes in how the water and air are heated and dispersed around the home/business.

 Hot water based heaters circulate hot water from the boiler to copper piping around the house and provide more uniform temperatures around the building than forced air heaters. The hot water in the boiler is usually for domestic consumption.

 Forced-air heaters distribute the heat through air ducts. It is the most used form of heating in U.S. as this system can be used to air condition buildings, humidify and filter the air.

 However, unless you are building/renovating a house, if the heater is not old, it would be preferable to use the already installed heater that came pre-installed with your home/business, to save cost in installing a new one. However, occasional maintenance and repairs by our company are always the wiser options!

 Our top priority at Heating Repair Company Philadelphia is to ensure your heating system’s efficiency. The more efficient your heating system is, the longer your device lasts and the less the cost of operations which lead to a big difference in total annual costs over the system’s lifetime.


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