What is needed to become a top quality HVAC service technician in Philadelphia?

HVAC contractor - Furnace Repair in PhiladelphiaSo you’re thinking about getting into the HVAC service industry? There’s more to it than just having rugged good looks and a great personality, it takes a dedicated mindset with a heart towards customer service before you ever crack a book open if you expect to succeed in this industry. According to Lincoln Tech, with over 8,000 HVAC jobs being added to this industry every year, competition can be brutal; but rewarding. To make it as long as Daniels HVAC has, serving the great residents of Philadelphia for over 25 years, it not only takes a recipe of dedication and knowledge to achieve the standards of the HVAC industry; you must be willing to set the standard.

In this article we will look at some of the industry standards that make up a well-rounded HVAC service technician as well as the key elements that has made Daniels HVAC well known to the citizens of Philadelphia.

There are a series of skills that are quite necessary for a successful HVAC service technician in Philadelphia. While some HVAC service technicians excel in certain areas, it is important to constantly push yourself to excel in all of these areas. With the HVAC industry continually changing with modern equipment, green energy solutions and high-end diagnostic equipment; only those HVAC service technicians that stay ahead of the game will be able to be successful.

HVAC Customer Service

Working with people is the first step of becoming a successful HVAC service technician. If you are not able to work with customers, exceed their expectations, understand their concerns and put yourself in their shoes; it will be very difficult to earn their trust and repeat business. Often times young HVAC service technicians like to talk above the customer, using technical terms that customers generally do not understand.

While this practice is common, it does not build a good rapport with the customer. An HVAC service technician is the expert; part of your job is to explain the process in such a way that your customer will FEEL like an expert too. This level of customer service builds a level of trust and understanding that will make you the first phone call that your customers will make when having trouble with their heating and air-conditioning systems for their Philadelphia home.

HVAC mechanical skills and knowledge

While it is true that mechanical knowledge can be taught; it is also true that takes a mechanical mindset to be understood. You either have it or you don’t; technical schools and training courses can teach the HVAC service technician all of the proper components and locations; however, it takes that mechanical mindset to understand how it all works together.

Daniels HVAC has employed many apprentice HVAC service technicians over the years that could give you a list of all the components out of the textbook but did not understand the process well enough to be able to diagnose the mechanical systems. If you are considering being a successful HVAC service technician in Philadelphia, having this mechanical mindset will be a key component for longevity in this industry.

HVAC Time management skills

A good HVAC service technician in Philadelphia will be able to effectively manage their schedule to be best productive for their employer and for their customers. Showing up on time has high marks to many customers and employers; identifying respect, but it goes further than that. Because Philadelphia is a constantly changing, diverse and growing city; a successful HVAC company may find themselves with dozens of work-orders to complete within a certain amount of time. Being able to balance your time correctly, making sure that these jobs get done in a timely fashion; will be paramount to ensure success.

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HVAC Contractor checking pipes - Furnace Repair in PhiladelphiaHVAC Education, Licenses and Certifications

While on-the-job training in a position of an apprentice is a requirement for a properly trained HVAC service technician, it is important that you have the appropriate education, licenses and certifications necessary to move ahead. Many schools that offer formal accreditation can last anywhere from six months to two years providing either vocational training or in class, hands-on learning.

The City of Philadelphia takes the HVAC service industry very seriously requiring specific licenses which require examinations to be completed for the safety of the company and the residents in which the HVAC company serves. In addition to the education and license process the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also requires certain levels of certifications to be mastered for handling refrigerants. When you take the collection of education, licenses and certifications into account for a qualified HVAC service technician you can begin to see that this is a serious investment of time; not just a hobby or short-term job.

HVAC technicians require physical strength

You can say what you will… but this industry requires individuals that can handle physical challenges. It is not an uncommon day to carry 2 to 300 lbs worth of equipment and parts, up multiple flights of stairs to get to where you need to go. Many apartment complexes in the Philadelphia area do not have elevators to get to the roof; which means the stairs and brute strength are your only options.

HVAC technicians need troubleshooting skills

As previously discussed, mechanical aptitude is a necessary requirement for a successful HVAC service technician. Continuing this mindset is being able to diagnose heating and air-conditioning problems quickly. HVAC systems often don’t play by the rules, unlike automobiles which can develop repeatable characteristics; HVAC system component failure can present itself in multiple symptoms making diagnostic, at times, difficult. While mechanical mindset is helpful in thinking through the problem, experience and training all come together for successful diagnostic and troubleshooting skills.

A Jack of All Trades

Finally; it’s important to emphasize that the HVAC industry is made up of mechanical, electrical & plumbing knowledge; ALL are used with heating and air-conditioning systems in Philadelphia. It also requires a knowledge of multiple systems, brands, design principles, scientific theory and component functionality for systems ranging up to 50 years old (especially in the Philadelphia area). It is also important to be current on the latest heating and air-conditioning systems that are available that would help save your customers money and be better on the environment as well.

Daniels HVAC, serving Philadelphia for over 25 years

Looking over this article you can see why having a well-qualified heating and air-conditioning professional working with your HVAC system can sometimes be difficult. The phonebook company stays pretty busy with adding and deleting HVAC companies every year that simply can’t keep up with the demands of the industry here in Philadelphia. Daniels HVAC has set the standard for heating and air-conditioning service for the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. The knowledge and expertise that Daniels has working with all types of systems in the Philadelphia area has made him the first choice for many home and business owners, as well as property managers, that need to hire a company to get the job done right the first time… and on time. If you’re looking for a qualified and experienced HVAC company to handle your heating and air-conditioning needs, be sure to call Daniels HVAC for time-honored experience and value.

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