7 ways to go green in your home this year


  7 ways to go green in your home this year
going green eco greenConservation of the environment is a topic that people just can’t stop discussing. While there is need to go green as a human population, starting in your home can take this much further. The only problem is that most people just do not know how to start. If you are looking for ways to go green this year without spending so much, there are a few suggestions for you. Here we go!
  Simply give up the junk
As much as recycling is good, avoiding paper waste altogether is the way to go. Do everything to ensure you minimize paper waste as much as possible. It could be as simple as going paperless for all your credit and bank accounts. Use online billing as much as possible.
  Energy conservation
You will not just save on your energy bills by conserving energy but also conserve the environment. You may want to adjust your thermostat a few degrees higher in summer and lower in winter. Using energy-efficient bulbs for all your lights should go a long way in conserving the environment. If you can, try washing with out hot water and drying your clothes on the lines.
  Minimizing your use of water
As much as you love long showers, you don’t want to be the one spoiling the environment. Even so, who likes paying huge water bills? So, make your showers as short as possible. Take control by installing a low-flow shower head and faucet aerator to conserve water without losing pressure.
  Using less gas
There are many ways to cut on your gas. You might want to take local trips s compared to traveling for long distances. If you can, start a carpool for your office. Consuming less gas is not just great for the office but can also help you save some money. Walking or biking should help you keep fit. So, why not try it?
  Minding your purchases
Many are the people who just cannot stop buying things they don’t need. Doing this only creates wastes you could have avoided. So, borrow if you can. Whenever you buy, try to invest in reusable and high-quality items. Things you can borrow include books, power tools, and rarely used appliances. It’s better to have reusable water bottles, grocery bags, envelopes, and packaging cartons.
  Proper disposal of electronics
Use your laptops, phones, batteries, and other electronics as long as you still can. When you need to dispose of them, ensure you follow the guidelines provided by your local authority. It might be easier and less time-consuming to just throw them in the trash but it isn’t good for the environment. So, why not follow the guidelines from your local authority to the letter. That way, you will be proud you did something   good for the environment.
Avoiding chemical household cleaners
It’s a given that household cleaners are tough on germs. However, they contain harsh chemicals which can cause serious damage to the environment. That’s why you should switch them for green cleaners for a clean and green home this year.
Clearly, all the efforts you make to go green this year aren’t just good for the environment but for your wallet too. So, go green like never before.

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