7 ways to go green in your home this year


  7 ways to go green in your home this year
going green eco greenConservation of the environment is a topic that people just can’t stop discussing. While there is need to go green as a human population, starting in your home can take this much further. The only problem is that most people just do not know how to start. If you are looking for ways to go green this year without spending so much, there are a few suggestions for you. Here we go!
  Simply give up the junk
As much as recycling is good, avoiding paper waste altogether is the way to go. Do everything to ensure you minimize paper waste as much as possible. It could be as simple as going paperless for all your credit and bank accounts. Use online billing as much as possible.
  Energy conservation
You will not just save on your energy bills by conserving energy but also conserve the environment. You may want to adjust your thermostat a few degrees higher in summer and lower in winter. Using energy-efficient bulbs for all your lights should go a long way in conserving the environment. If you can, try washing with out hot water and drying your clothes on the lines.
  Minimizing your use of water
As much as you love long showers, you don’t want to be the one spoiling the environment. Even so, who likes paying huge water bills? So, make your showers as short as possible. Take control by installing a low-flow shower head and faucet aerator to conserve water without losing pressure.
  Using less gas
There are many ways to cut on your gas. You might want to take local trips s compared to traveling for long distances. If you can, start a carpool for your office. Consuming less gas is not just great for the office but can also help you save some money. Walking or biking should help you keep fit. So, why not try it?
  Minding your purchases
Many are the people who just cannot stop buying things they don’t need. Doing this only creates wastes you could have avoided. So, borrow if you can. Whenever you buy, try to invest in reusable and high-quality items. Things you can borrow include books, power tools, and rarely used appliances. It’s better to have reusable water bottles, grocery bags, envelopes, and packaging cartons.
  Proper disposal of electronics
Use your laptops, phones, batteries, and other electronics as long as you still can. When you need to dispose of them, ensure you follow the guidelines provided by your local authority. It might be easier and less time-consuming to just throw them in the trash but it isn’t good for the environment. So, why not follow the guidelines from your local authority to the letter. That way, you will be proud you did something   good for the environment.
Avoiding chemical household cleaners
It’s a given that household cleaners are tough on germs. However, they contain harsh chemicals which can cause serious damage to the environment. That’s why you should switch them for green cleaners for a clean and green home this year.
Clearly, all the efforts you make to go green this year aren’t just good for the environment but for your wallet too. So, go green like never before.

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Reasons we are thankful in 2016

HVAC repair - heater repair service in PhiladelphiaDuring this holiday season it is important to be reminded about the many things that Daniels HVAC; providing quality heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance, installation and replacement to the Philadelphia area for over 25 years, has to be thankful for. Even as the end of the year continues to approach, we find ourselves echoing our thankfulness as we look back across 2016.

Daniels HVAC would like to express a few things, as we reflect on our trials and successes of 2016, that we find ourselves to be very thankful for:

Our customers

No heating and air conditioning business can be successful without great customers, ours is no different. Perhaps the thing that we are most grateful for is how incredible our customers have been to us here at Daniels HVAC over the last 25 years. While we have worked hard to provide our customers with exceeding value in heating and air conditioning services; we continue to be amazed at how gracious our customers have been.

thank you - heater repair service in PhiladelphiaMuch of our business is based on referrals from the many customers that we have had the opportunity to provide exceptional heating and air conditioning services to; perhaps the greatest complement that we can receive from our customers is a referral to a friend. It is also important to note that many of our customers have become good friends, desiring to partner with our vision and participate in our work ethic. As 2017 approaches, we want to say a hearty “thank you” to the many customers that have made the choice to utilize Daniels HVAC for their heating and air conditioning service needs.

Our team

In the HVAC industry your business is only as good as the talent that you have working for you. At Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia, we have been blessed to have some of the heating and air conditioning industry’s best service specialists that have chosen to partner their talents with us. It is their patience and perseverance that has shown through in the workmanship that they have provided to our many thankful customers in Philadelphia.

As the owner of Daniels HVAC (Nate) I wish to extend my deepest thanks to all of the team members here at Daniels HVAC. I would like to express my desire that 2017 builds upon the success of 2016 and that our relationship grows stronger with each passing day. We simply could not have had a successful year without the outstanding talents of each and every member of our team.

Our families

family with the Christmas tree - heater repair service in PhiladelphiaBuilding a successful heating and air conditioning business in Philadelphia often requires sacrifices of time. Sometimes heating and air conditioning services cannot be done during regular business hours and requires a dedicated team, able to be flexible to customer’s time constraints.

Perhaps the greater sacrifice made in these times is that of our families. All of the staff and team members of Daniels HVAC wish to extend our gratefulness to the sacrifices that our family members have made throughout 2016; your sacrifice does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.

Business partnerships

Another factor that has made 2016 a success for Daniels HVAC is the partnerships that we have been able to make. From the dedicated staff that works with our website to the companies that service our equipment, we want to say thank you for the level of service that you have provided to help make us successful. To our manufacturer representatives, vendors, materials suppliers and others that have shared in the business model and vision of Daniels HVAC over the last 25 years, we want to say thank you.

Keeping things in perspective

military - heater repair service in PhiladelphiaThere are so many things that, honestly, we could take the time to say that we are thankful for. We would be remiss to not take a few moments to acknowledge how thankful we are to be able to operate a heating and air conditioning company in such a great country.

The sacrifices that soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines make (as well as their families) to keep us safe and free; does not go unnoticed and we are truly thankful.

Furthermore; the daily sacrifices of our dedicated public safety officers (police, fire and EMT’s) make to help preserve the peace on the streets of America is certainly appreciated. It is the sacrifices of individuals such as these that make it possible for companies like ours to prosper in this great and free nation.

As 2017 quickly approaches we look forward to being able to continue a work ethic that has allowed us to provide great service to our customers; with the anticipation of many years to come.

We look forward to serving you in 2017 and for years to come