man doing air conditioning repair philadelphia pa.It is no more news that poor working condition of your air conditioner will put you in a very sticky, hot and humid condition particularly in the summer; and to the elderly, extreme temperatures could be more dangerous. You need to stay comfortable by having an air conditioner that is in perfect condition. Your air conditioner may not work correctly based on variety of problems; from thermostat or sensor not working correctly to compressor or motor failure to dirty filter or evaporator and to low level of refrigerant.  It is very vital to have a trustworthy and experienced technician check up your system as improper care like failing to fix a leak, adding the wrong refrigerant or making so many other errors can create more problems.

If you have neglected a checkup for so long, chances are that your air conditioner may not function as well as it should. Leaving debris and dirt congesting the cooling fins can considerably reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner and to crown it all, will reduce its lifespan. It is obvious you cannot do everything; only an expert can fix things up, but most of the routine cleaning chores can be easily handled by you. It is pertinent to note that purchasing a new air conditioner may be the best solution in some cases; at, we have technicians that will help you choose the best option as well as the right size for your home, bearing in mind your lifestyle.

So what can you do to guarantee optimal working condition of your air conditioner? Highlighted below are some tips that will guide you in maintaining your system:

Clean the Condenser

One of the most important things to do before cleaning your condenser is to switch off the power at the main electrical panel. Have your outdoor unit cleaned.  Clean the condenser fins. They usually get dirty mainly because air is suck through them by a central fan, pulling in dead leaves, dust, dead grass and floating cotton. The cooling ability is reduced when the debris obstruct the airflow. You might want to check the owner’s manual for direction on how to do this efficiently.

Restart the Condenser

After cleaning, turn the power on and set the house thermostat to cool to power on the compressor. The insulated tube should become cool after few minutes. If you mistakenly switched your AC off while the compressor was running, you need to at least wait for five minutes before switching it on again; this is simply to decompress the compressor before restarting.

Clean the Indoor Unit

To do this, you need to also switch off the power at a nearby switch or at the main source. Pull out the furnace filter, check it for dirt buildup, clean it or replace it if necessary. Vacuum the evaporator fins with a brush just like you did with the condenser in the outdoor unit. You might also need to check the manual for details on this or visit us at