Air conditioning service Philadelphia

Air conditioning services Philadelphia

man doing air conditioning service philadelphia pa.During the summer and cold weather, people depend on air conditioners to cooling and heating their homes, rooms or businesses. Air conditioning is a necessity for many families, though some people regard them as a luxury. Given the expense incurred while getting the equipment and the power used to run, it’s good for consumers to know about the air conditioning service and central air conditioning system safety care and cleaning tips.

What’s the work of an air conditioner ?

Maintain suitable humidity in a building.

To cool the house during certain seasons.

To heat the house or room during winter.

Efficiently help in removing micro-organisms, dust and other foreign bodies from the air.

Tips on how to maintain your air Condition:

Keeping your air conditioning service well & maintained, will not only save you money on energy, but will also improve and extend the lifespan of your Air conditioner. An air conditioning fin, filter and coils require regular maintenance and service to function effectively throughout the year. Air conditioning serving tip:

Safety first. Before handling your AC unit it’s important to make sure that the power is off. Most air conditioning have a service disconnection huddle near the condenser. Once you open the lid, pull out the huddle and in turn disconnect the power supply. For an extra safety power disconnection, switch off power to the air conditioner completely from the main socket.

Remove debris:  start cleaning by removing debris using your hands. By removing debris, you will avoid water from being trapped by the leaves that will eventually lead to rust and system breakdown.

Clean the fins: use a garden hose, to spray water from inside out through the fins to blast away any debris left and built up dirt from between them. Don’t use a pressure washer since it can damage the fins instead use a fin cleaning spray, if the fins are particularly dirty. After finishing fin cleaning, straighten them to increase airflow.

Clean the Evaporator coil: dust the coil using a soft brush then, spray, using a no-rinse coil cleaner. The spray will foam up cleaning the coil dripping into the drain pan. Clean the drain pan with soap, bleach and hot water.

Other Air conditioning services are best left for trained technicians. The technician should fix problems like:

Refrigerant leaks.

Thermostat replacement and repair

Verify electric control system

Measure air flow through the coil

Check and seal duct leakage

Inspect electric terminals and tighten them.

Make sure the cooling and heating system do not operate simultaneously.

There is no better time than now for you to schedule your air conditioning service check. The regular checks will give you comfort during summer and winter and also help you prolong your Air conditioner life span.