When It’s Time To Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioning System


When It’s Time To Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioning System
air conditioning repair PhiladelphiaAfter several years, you need to ask yourself whether you should replace or repair your air conditioning system. Before you make the final decision there are certain things you will need to look at. The lifespan of a heat pump is up to 16 years while a furnace may persist for some 20 years. But how long it actually lasts depends on the care you give to your AC system. Even with all the repairs and tune-ups you do, there comes a time when your air conditioning system must be replaced.
Here are the points to consider when making a choice between replacing and repairing your air conditioning system:
1. Safety
To avoid putting your life and that of your family at risk, you should consider replacing a heating system that’s proving to be a safety hazard. Why spend so much money doing temporary repairs when you can install a new system? For instance, a broken heat exchanger will leak carbon monoxide and expose your family to the danger of respiratory disease. You can’t afford to take the risk.
2. Lifespan
If your AC system has lasted for its expected lifespan, then it is time you replaced it. Usually, a furnace will not go beyond 16 years after the first installation. Check the date of installation on the unit. If it isn’t there, retrieve the model and serial numbers and find out from the manufacturer how old the unit is like to be. However, don’t rush to discard the unit. If it hasn’t burned out yet, ask a qualified technician to have a look at it and advice you appropriately.
3. Heating Effectiveness
To heat your home effectively, the heating system must be running efficiently. You can gauge the efficiency of an AC system by gauging how effective it is heating all the rooms in the home. If it is efficient, then the heat will be spread out evenly. Where you rely on an old AC unit, you may fail to get the heat to all the rooms in your house. So if you frequently notice a discrepancy in the heat distribution around your home, replace the AC system.
4. High Repair and Maintenance Cost
There comes a time when it is more logical to replace an AC system, rather than try to repair it. When an expensive part of the system such as a furnace or heat exchanger replacing it is the only option. A new system may cost must initially, but it will save you a lot of money in terms or repairs and maintenance. For the first few years, all it will require is regular maintenance.
5. Rising Energy Bills
Rising energy bills is a sign of an inefficient AC system. If you are paying more in energy bills than you used to, then it might be time you considered replacing the AC system. With a new system, efficiency will be improved and the energy bills put under firm control.
As you can see, the decision to repair or replace your AC system is entirely based on your personal experience. If the system isn’t working as expected, why continue having it?

What to Look For In an Air Conditioning Service Provider

What to Look For In an Air Conditioning Service Provider

One thing about HVAC systems is that they can break down when you least expect. To get life around your home, you need a responsive service provider. Not only should the company be experienced enough, but it should also be in a position to provide 24/7 emergency services. Regardless of where you live, you should be able to find the right professional to work with.
Here are some of the traits of a professional repair and maintenance service:
1. 24/7 Emergency Services
The main reason you need a reliable plumber is the unpredictable nature of emergencies. Say you are resting in your house during the day when your HVAC system breaks down. You may opt to have you and your family freeze to death or call a professional to provide air conditioning services. A good contractor should be on call 24/7. It doesn’t matter the time of the day you need their services. They should respond promptly and arrive at your home when they say they will do.
2. Licensed and Insured
To know if you are dealing with a true professional, you should ask for the necessary licenses and insurance. As such, all air conditioning repair companies should have licenses from the county as well as the city. In addition to the current licenses, they should have insurance to protect their staff and your property. For possible injuries among the staff, the company should have a workman’s compensation policy. This will protect you any resultant liability.
3. Offering Different Services
While some contractors tend to be specialized in a specific line of work, the best are those who can handle several tasks. Apart from handling the plumbing systems and A/C units, the contractor should also have the ability to repair your water heater. Even where the contractor is specialized in HVAC systems, he should be in a position to handle ductwork repairs as well as issues to do with air quality.
5. Ability to Respond to Questions
It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your project is. A good contractor should be prepared to give answers to all your questions. If anything, they should be able to explain complex issues in an easy-to-understand language. If you have questions on the plumbing method to use, the contractor should clearly explain the reason for preferring a specific one. In the end, the plumber should leave you with 100% satisfaction about the service.
6. Having the Right Tools and Equipment
Due to the nature of their work, air conditioning repair contractors should have all the necessary tools and equipment always. If an emergency happens at night, there will be no time to hit the stores and buy the necessary equipment. Being properly equipped helps them to better respond to emergency situations. Besides, they can handle all the necessary tasks.
If you are looking for a great HVAC contractor, be careful who you pick. Not many of the available contractors give you 100% percent satisfaction like Daniels HVAC Philadelphia. Assess a contractor on the basis of the criteria discussed here and you will never go wrong. If in doubt, call us for high-quality service. In addition, our service is the most affordable in town. Thank you Daniels HVAC.

Common Air Conditioner Issues Homeowners Face


Common Air Conditioner Issues Homeowners Face
Without proper care, air conditioners may not give the proper performance all year long. To properly take care of your air conditioner, you need to know the common issues that may make it malfunction. While some of these issues are simple to spot, others may require the help of an expert to identify.
The following are the 5 common air conditioner issues that homeowners face:
man over heating from the heatwave
Clogged Filters
After being used for a prolonged period of time, air conditioner filters may become clogged leading to increased energy consumption. There are suggestions that replacing a clogged filter with a new one can save you up to 15 percent in energy costs. If anything, clogged filters block the free flow of air, allow in the dirt, and prevent the coils from effectively absorbing dirt. For the system to continue working efficiently, the clogged filters must be replaced.
Faulty Thermostat Sensor
Have you noticed any erratic behavior from your air conditioner? Is it going through one cycle for longer than you expect? The thermostat sensor could be the problem. The thermostat measures the temperature of the surrounding air and adjusts the air conditioner according to your settings. When it is not functioning properly, the problem could be that it is dislodged from its position. When that happens, it will not be able to correctly measure the temperature of the surrounding air.
Leaking or Low Refrigerant
In the air conditioning system, the air is cooled with the help of a chemical known as the refrigerant. Faulty cooling may mean that the refrigerant level is either running low or it is leaking from the system. The first thing you ought to check is if it was recharged in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer. Also, check for signs of leaking and if you find any, you should take care of the problem immediately. Bear in mind that leaking refrigerant is a harmful pollutant.
Frozen or Dirty Coils
It has already been established that you need to regularly replace air filters to improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system. But that is not enough. The coils also tend to accumulate lots of dirt over time. This may prevent them from working as efficiently as before. When your air conditioner has a reduced level of refrigerant, the coils may also freeze. Instead of the air conditioner giving you the services you need, the dirt and frozen coils will find it hard to cope.
Dysfunctional Outside Fan
A properly working air conditioner must of necessity have a functioning outside fan. When this fan becomes dysfunctional, the entire system may break down. The work of the fan is to remove hot air from the system. When it becomes dysfunctional, it prevents the heat transfer process from working properly. This results in the overheating of the air conditioner compressor causing the tripping of the safety overload.
It is important to check if any of these issues is causing the malfunctioning of your air conditioning system. You should ask a qualified HVAC technician to make an assessment of the entire house setup to see if it could be to blame. Make sure you rule out all possible air conditioning issues.

Air Conditioning Service Tune-Up Before the Heat Wave

Air Conditioning Service Tune-Up Before the Heat Wave

man repairing air condition unitWhat will you do when your air conditioning unit breaks down in the middle of the summer heat wave? Not much to stop you from having to stay in an overheated house, albeit for a short while. To avoid such inconveniences, it is important that you carry out a service tune-up on your air conditioner before the heat wave.

The following are some of the things you can do to ensure you beat the heat wave when summertime finally comes:

Repairing the AC

With a broken AC, you are likely to end up seated in your house all sweaty and drenched. The first thing you must consider is to repair your AC as soon as you can or before the heat of the spring arrive. There are some key signs that you must look out for. Is your air conditioner producing strange than usual noises? Do you think it is not operating as well as it should? If any of that is true, it is time to call a trusted HVAC expert and ask for some repairs.

HVAC systems are complex by their nature. That is why there are likely to be a cacophony of repair issues including a total failure of the AC. To prevent that, you need to ensure you carry out repairs whenever you notice any minor issues. Before the summer sets in, you need to repair your AC to prevent it from stalling in the middle of the heat wave.

Routine maintenance

To properly maintain your AC, ensure the ducts are regularly checked and cleaned. Any gaps through which your AC loses air should be properly plugged in. that is because any lost air can lead to an escalation of energy costs when summertime finally comes.

Make sure you contact an expert to be carrying out routine maintenance works on the HVAC system. With that, you increase both the longevity and efficiency of the air conditioning system. Check for clogs or holes in the filters and ductwork and have an expert come and repair them to improve the AC’s performance. With clean filters and ducts, you will be able to improve the air quality in your home thus preventing unwanted allergies.

Replacing an obsolete air conditioner

For how long have you been using your air conditioner? If it is 10 years and more, you should consider replacing it. The reason for that is simple. Newer air conditioners are more efficient than their older counterparts. With a newer AC, you are likely to save as much as $5,000 in a decade in terms of heating costs. If anything a new AC has the ability to use energy more efficiently than an old one.

It is possible that you will discover the need to replace your AC unit during routine repairs and maintenance. It might cost you a lot of money today, but you should be able to save a lot in the end.

Do you want your AC system to be in good condition when the heat wave finally comes? Talk to an HVAC expert today.

For more information click– Daniels HVAC Philadelphia llc

What Happens During An Air Conditioning Service Repair ?

What Happens During An Air Conditioning Repair Service?

picture man installing mini split air conditionerAn air condition is an important equipment in any home. Whether your home has a split or window AC installed, it helps in filtering the air in your living space. This shows how important it is to have it serviced regularly. Air conditioning repair service ensures your AC is trouble-free and working properly. Air conditioning repair service helps in dealing with problems like water leakage from the AC unit, AC makes noise and much more. What does an air conditioning repair service include?

Air Condition cleaning and checkup.

The first step of air conditioning service is to check if there is water dripping in the AC system. An air conditioning service technician will check to identify leakage from tubes or pipes inside the unit. While doing this, he/she will drain, remove dirt and debris and clean the AC unit to enhance its performance.

Fin and air filter cleaning

An Air condition collects a huge amount of dust and debris when it operates. During an air conditioning repair service call, all the dirt and dust are removed and cleaned to prevent problems like ice formation in the Ac or AC not cooling. The fin also needs to be cleaned and washed of any dust or mold buildup.

Cleaning the AC evaporate and condenser fan

Cleaning mold and dust from the AC condenser and evaporator fan is also done during the air conditioning repair service. The fan is located in different locations of both AC types. In split AC, it is located in the external/outdoor unit.

Coolant level check

picture of man installing mini split air conditionerAn air conditioning service technician needs to check the coolant level in the AC. When the coolant level is less, your AC stops working. This is because the temperature of the cooling coil drops below the normal level.

AC evaporate and condenser coil cleaning

Dust and dirt cause your AC system to overheat. During an air conditioning service, the condenser and evaporate coil are cleaned. Also, other key components of the AC units are cleaned to avoid further damage.

Overall inspection

During an air conditioning service, an overall inspection is done after all the other service is done. Major components like the fan motor, condenser unit, compressor, evaporator unit, thermostat and many others are inspected for any faults.

An Air condition service helps in identifying the AC problems and ensuring that all parts of your AC are functioning properly. Having a regular air conditioning service is the best way to optimize your AC unit.

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When should I call and Air Conditioning Service Repair?

Air conditioning Diagnostic service

So when your air conditioning in your Philadelphia home stops working or begins to make some really bad sounds, as a homeowner you have some options. Some DIYer’s will go to the Internet and Google: “how to fix my air conditioner” … only to find that there are 6,410,000 pages (no, really) of people trying to tell you what to do. Some in Philadelphia will ask their friend or neighbor who is no more certified to work on air conditioning system then they are. Yes, there are those that will grab their Swiss Army knife and paperclips and try to “MacGyver” their air conditioner back to life; leaving a nest of wires and a bigger problem than when they started the Air conditioning service repair.

So you may ask the question: “When should I call and Air Conditioning Service Repair company?” In this article were going to look at some common reasons that you should call Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia for your air conditioning service needs.

When your AC doesn’t kick on – you should call an Air Conditioning Service Repair

When your AC (air conditioning) does not come on it is more of the worst-case scenario as one of dozens of things could prevent this from happening. While we recommend that homeowners check the power breaker to see if it is tripped; the fact that it tripped (if that’s what happened) is usually indicative of something that caused it to overload. Calling and air conditioning service will save you hours of troubleshooting, not to mention replacing components that may not need to be replaced. A professional air conditioning service with years of experience and training in the Philadelphia area will be able to quickly diagnose why your air conditioning doesn’t kick on.

When you smell a burning odor – you should call an Air Conditioning Service Repair

Generally, when you have a burning smell coming from your air conditioner in your Philadelphia home it means one thing specifically… SOMETHING IS BURNING! Continuing to run your air conditioner while trying to “track down” the problem will only continue to cause additional damage to the affected components or worse! Burning smells can be coming from electrical wiring, blower motors compressors, pumps or more… A professional air conditioning service company with years of experience and training in the Philadelphia area will be able to quickly diagnose what the burning smell is and provide recommendations for repair.

When you hear strange sounds from your air conditioner – you should call an Air Conditioning Service company

If you hear screeching, clunking or other odd noises coming from your air conditioner it can mean a variety of different things. (Most of which are not good). Because there are not a lot of moving parts in your air conditioning system (inside the house) other than the blower fan, careful discernment needs to be made as to what’s causing the sound. In some cases, debris may have gotten into the system or the motor or pump (heat pump and mini split air systems) begin to fail. A professional air conditioning service company with years of experience and training in the Philadelphia area will be able to quickly diagnose the strange sounds coming from your air conditioner and provide recommendations for service repair.

Daniels HVAC has been Serving the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Call today to see the difference experience can make! (267) 971-3639

If your Air Conditioner is blowing, but not cooling – you should call an Air Conditioning Repair Service

A/C guages - Air Conditioning Service in Philadelphia

The components that make up the cooling function of your air conditioner for your Philadelphia home, are the more complicated of the components in your air conditioning system. Compressor, condenser, pump, expansion valve, evaporator and thermostat all need to be working in concert for the cooling portion of your system to work. When your air conditioner is blowing air, but not cooling, any one of these parts (or multiple parts) could be causing the problem. A professional air conditioning repair service with years of experience and training in the Philadelphia area will be able to quickly diagnose the reason that your air conditioner blows, but does not cool and provide recommendations for repair.

If there is ice forming on your air conditioning unit – you should call an Air Conditioning Repair Service

If there is ice developing on your air conditioning unit there is more than likely a leak in the system that is causing it. If the system still has enough gas pressure to operate you will still have cool air in your Philadelphia home, but this will only be temporary. When the refrigerant completely leaks out, your air conditioning system will no longer cool your home. If you see ice beginning to form you should contact your air conditioning repair service quickly as, in some cases, valuable refrigerant could be saved protecting the environment and saving on the repair bill. A professional air conditioning repair service with years of experience and training in the Philadelphia area will be able to quickly diagnose the leak and provide recommendations for repair.

Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia is a professional Air Conditioning Service Repair company

For over 25 years Daniels HVAC has been providing extraordinary service and time honored workmanship for the residents in Philadelphia. Our customer friendly approach to air conditioning repair provides an honest path that is mindful both of your budget and schedule. Because we are a professional heating and air conditioning service we are licensed, bonded and insured for both your protection as well as the protection of the reputation of our company.

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Having an efficient air conditioning system in the home or an office will not only help greatly in creating a relaxed home and working environment but will also increase the well being of family members and motivate employees to perform optimally. Consistent maintenance of your cooling system will help keep it in good working condition, guaranteeing unbeatable performance and consistency when needed. Irrespective of the type of cooling system you install, generally, air conditioning system in good working condition offers a number of benefits that can never be overlooked. Similarly, it may not be a wise option to be buying a new air conditioning system on a yearly basis. Maintaining the one you have is a very good way of extending the lifespan of such system. Highlighted below are top reasons you need to maintain your air conditioner:

  1. To Improve Health Condition

There is limit to the amount of dust a filter can hold, if regular Air conditioning service is not maintained, the filters will eventually stop filtering air. Any air that is not filtered is contaminated with debris. This can cause havoc to those with breathing problems. A well-serviced air conditioning system is void of dust which may cause health hazards. An air conditioning system that is regularly service renews and improves air quality thereby contributing to healthy lifestyle. Similarly, extreme heat and humidity are life-threatening conditions that can have serious impact on the totality of our physical and intellectual activities. The heat and humidity is reduced greatly with a proper and functioning air conditioning system, this will help improve productivity and lifespan. The effect of dehydration on our body system can be severe if proper care is not taken. With the help of well-maintained air conditioning system, these effects are cushioned as a result of the lower temperatures that air conditioners create

  1. To Reduce Stress and Maintain Performanceman doing air conditioning service philadelphia 19129

Clogged filters and ducts affect the seamless running of the air conditioner thereby making it to work harder so as to produce the same amount of air. This stresses the motor and cooling units, the resultant effect of this is that the system will break down easily and faster. Smooth-running air conditioning system is reliable, durable and will remain functional for many years.

  1. To Enhance Comfort

Many people, both the young and the elderly, cannot handle extremes in weather condition. Keeping your air conditioner in good working condition will help you to control your home temperature making it comfortable for all.

  1. To Increase Efficiency of your Air conditioner

Just like every other pieces of equipment, proper maintenance culture will help stop small problems that may develop over time. These small problems, over time, can escalate into bigger and more costly issues. As a result, the system will work harder for required cooling effect, leading to a substantial reduction in its effectiveness. A tailored regular maintenance will guarantee higher effectiveness and long-lasting performance.

  1. To Eliminate or Reduce Costly Air conditioning Repairs

As a result of Daniels hvac Air conditioning service and professional assessments of your air conditioning systems, problems like leaking compressor, dirty filter, poor running fan motor, etc. will be well managed thereby eliminating the fair of the system breaking down quickly and reducing costly repairs at the long run. Our skilled engineers will do a regular preventive repair at your own convenient time. 

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4 reasons why you should carry out regular inspections on your air conditioning system

4 reasons why you should carry out regular inspections on your air conditioning system

air conditioning service philadelphia 19144-19138-19126You should never let the summer pass without having your Air Conditioning system inspected. This is especially so if it requires extensive repairs. It is because of this reasons that we recommend air conditioning service anywhere in Philadelphia. It is important to talk to our air conditioning service provider in Philadelphia before it gets too hot or humid. After all, you want your house to remain comfortable all year round.

Here are some of the benefits of carrying out air conditioning service before it gets warmer than usual:

1.  Preventive maintenance

This is a top reason why you should consider getting the help of air conditioning service provider in Philadelphia. It is important that you inspect and repair your air conditioning system before the summer heat. This will enable you to avoid interruption of service and costly breakdowns. You will catch problems in advance by having an air conditioning service provider inspect. Thus, you can avoid serious issues down the road when your air conditioning unit is working overtime. That way, you can keep your family cool without any interruptions.

man doing air conditioning service philadelphia 191402.  Increasing efficiency

If you want to make your air conditioning unit more efficient, work with your air conditioning service provider in Philadelphia. Proper maintenance of your air conditioner will not just prevent breakdowns, it can improve its overall efficiency. Talk to our air conditioning service provider in Philadelphia for an inspection of tour AC unit. Depending on what needs to be addressed, they will clean all its components to make it work at its very best. With improved efficiency, you will be able to save on energy bills when you finally switch it on.



3.  Extending lifespan

Why should your air conditioning system break down simply because you didn’t talk to your air conditioning service provider in Philadelphia? If anything, failure to properly clean and inspect the components of your air conditioner can lead to a breakdown. This is because of the excess stress exerted on the motor and cooling mechanisms of your air conditioning system. This stress can lead to breakdowns that could cost you lots of money. In worse cases, you may even be forced to replace your entire air conditioning system. That’s why it is important to properly service your air conditioning system before the peak season.

man doing air conditioning service philadelphia 191194.  Saving money

The air conditioning service provider in Philadelphia says you will save lots of money through regular inspections on your AC unit. First, it allows you to catch the smallest of problems early enough. That is before the problem becomes bigger and hard to resolve. Smaller problems certainly cost much less money to resolve than total breakdowns of the system. Instead of doing expensive repairs, all you have to deal with are smaller and cheaper issues. Also, you are able to avoid the cost of having to replace the entire unit with a totally new one. That is apart from the fact that timely inspections help you save on energy costs through improved efficiency.

Clearly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider air conditioning service for your system in Philadelphia.

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Tips for using your HVAC system to help control dust pollen for spring

Man spraying a a/c vent Spring is in the air here in Philadelphia and while this means the return of warmer weather, birds migrating back and flowers in bloom… It also means the return of allergy season. While the milder spring temperatures is a refreshing savings on the energy bill, many often forget that the heating and air-conditioning systems for your Philadelphia home is also a great way to filter the air as well. As allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, mold and insect droppings settle on furniture, floors and walls dusting only stirs these allergens making them airborne; but your heating and air-conditioning ventilation system can help remove them. Check out these useful spring cleaning tips from Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia to help make your home I haven from common allergens.

HVAC Spring Cleaning Tips

Your furnace and air-conditioning system draws air through the return vent which sends the air through a filter to be recirculated back to the home. Whether the unit is on heat, cool or fan the circulation of air remains the same with a central heat and air conditioning system. While there are other types of HVAC systems on the market that your home may, use this principle is by far the most popular and commonly used in Philadelphia homes. This system of filtration is what can help reduce those aggravating allergens that come into your home. As you get into spring cleaning, consider the spring cleaning of your heating and air-conditioning vent system as one of the first and best steps to help control mold in allergens in your Philadelphia home.

To help with this spring cleaning here are a few easy steps to help:

1. Use Higher Quality Filters

While fiberglass filters are cheap and recommended to be replaced every 30 days, they only capture large particles of dust. Microscopic particles blow easily through these filters and for those who suffer from allergies, they will be insufficient to help make your home allergen free. Choose a filter that uses a corrugated surface that effectively increases the surface area and has a tighter we’ve to capture more allergens. Also available are electrostatic filters that capture even more dust and allergens for your Philadelphia home.

Use caution to purchase the highest rated filter: Really thick and tight woven filters can actually reduce airflow through your heating and air-conditioning system in your Philadelphia home causing the blower to work harder, essentially causing your electric bill to go up. (Especially in older forced air furnace and air-conditioning systems) Home-improvement stores will have different rating levels with descriptions for the types of particles that they filter. When choosing filters do not choose based upon price but rather based upon function… A few extra dollars goes a long way towards healthier living.

NOTE: Some air conditioning and heater systems have filters that are not easily accessible. If this is the case for your home over you are unsure as how to replace your filter be sure to call Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia for a quick maintenance visit.



This Video “seen on This Old House” does a good job identifying the different types of filters available.

Daniels HVAC has been Serving the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Call today to see the difference experience can make! (267) 971-3639

Person cleaning HVAC vent - Furnace and A/C Repair in Philadelphia2. Clean the return and blower vents

Especially in high-traffic areas in your Philadelphia home where the return vent is located in the floor, the vent and vent cavity (which is the box that the filter sits in) can collect a lot of debris that is blown through your system – check out our article on cleaning your vents. In addition check the cavity for any signs of buildup such as mold or pollen spores which may be collecting in the corners.

3. When dusting, don’t forget the furniture

It’s easy to spot dust buildup on the coffee table, in tables, picture frames and counters; but many forget that the same build up is on your couch, chairs and carpet. When removing these allergens and dust in your Philadelphia home use a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner or even go “old-school” and take an old tennis racket and hit the cushions; stirring and releasing the dust from the furniture so that it can be filtered.

4. Spring is a great time for an air-conditioning maintenance check-up

As the temperature starts to go up, the need for your air-conditioning system to function comes back into play. Before you crank up your air-conditioner make sure to give Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia a call to perform an air conditioning maintenance checkup and inspection. This inspection will not only look at the ductwork for your air-conditioning system but also all the different components that need to be working perfectly together so that you can get the best performance from your air-conditioning system. This will include the cleaning of the exterior condenser coils that are a commonplace for mold and mildew build up which can cause your air-conditioning unit to work harder. Daniels HVAC will also use its expertise in the large variety of air-conditioning systems to be able to give you best practice tips on how to get the most use out of your air-conditioning system.

Trust the experience that over 25 years in the industry can bring

Daniels HVAC has been serving the Philadelphia community for over 25 years providing high quality heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation services. Our unique approach to customer service has made us a regular name in the Philadelphia community for quality and reliability in the services that we provide.

Because of this experience, we have access to parts and components that help keep your older systems running longer without the need for expensive replacement. Daniels HVAC will never recommend the replacement of the heating and air-conditioning unit unless the unit operation or repair costs exceed that of a new unit option. Be sure to check out why Daniels HVAC has been so successful over the last 25 years in the Philadelphia area.

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Why Air Conditioner Service Philadelphia Highly Recommends Installing Air Conditioning Systems

Why Air Conditioner Service Philadelphia Highly Recommends Installing Air Conditioning Systems

installing duckworkIs your home feeling stuffed? Hot air accumulates in your home especially in warm weather causing you lots of discomforts. Air conditioner service Philadelphia installs and services air conditioning units to keep your home cool and comfortable. You see air conditioners push the heated air out of your home giving your home a cooling effect. Because it performs such an important function, we recommend servicing the machines to ensure they work well. Air conditioners help with air quality of your home, but with the dust and dirt, it can quickly turn into a hazard.

Nevertheless, air conditioner service Philadelphia believes every home and business entity requires air conditioning units. Here is why:

Temperature control– if it gets too hot your A/C will easily control the temperatures, ensuring that your family and employees are comfortable. A/C systems double as heaters and can be used in all seasons, and this means you will keep your employees cool in the summer heat and warm in the cold season. Properly balanced temperatures boost productivity in your workforce.

Improves air quality– installing air conditioning units’ helps filter out allergens, fungus, dust and other pollutants. If a family member suffers from hay fever and asthma the filters in air conditioners, filter the air regularly. Air conditioner service Philadelphia will keep your air filters clean with proper servicing to ensure efficiency.

picture of central air conditioner Extend product life– do you sell products that can easily be damaged by excessive heat and humidity? If yes, then installing air conditioning system is the way to go. Investing in high-tech A/C controls the temperatures lowering them and reduces overheating.

Stops servers from overheating– if you work in the IT department you probably noticed that servers emit heat. Setting up air conditioning units prevents them from overheating; the consequence of overheating servers is that they become slow. At air conditioner service Philadelphia we consult and advise on the best cooling system to buy.

Air conditioning units are a must in every household; it keeps the home cool or warm depending on the weather. Proper servicing is required to maintain the system working effectively and efficiently. Air conditioner service Philadelphia ensures that the system is maintained and repaired if broken. We help you choose the type of air conditioning system for your home or office that fits your requirements.

Each environment is different, and that is why choosing the right kind of air conditioning system is critical. The best A/C is one that is efficient, operates on minimal electricity as well as provides stable, reliable performance year after year when properly maintained. You know your system is efficiently working if it’s quiet. If you hear noises from your unit, call air conditioner service Philadelphia for a maintenance check.

We are the best air conditioning experts in Philadelphia; Daniels HVAC company we look forward to helping you choose the perfect cooling system for your home. From our free consultation, we will check your window dimension and exposure, floor space, insulation and the local climate.