Tips for using your HVAC system to help control dust pollen for spring

Man spraying a a/c vent Spring is in the air here in Philadelphia and while this means the return of warmer weather, birds migrating back and flowers in bloom… It also means the return of allergy season. While the milder spring temperatures is a refreshing savings on the energy bill, many often forget that the heating and air-conditioning systems for your Philadelphia home is also a great way to filter the air as well. As allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, mold and insect droppings settle on furniture, floors and walls dusting only stirs these allergens making them airborne; but your heating and air-conditioning ventilation system can help remove them. Check out these useful spring cleaning tips from Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia to help make your home I haven from common allergens.

HVAC Spring Cleaning Tips

Your furnace and air-conditioning system draws air through the return vent which sends the air through a filter to be recirculated back to the home. Whether the unit is on heat, cool or fan the circulation of air remains the same with a central heat and air conditioning system. While there are other types of HVAC systems on the market that your home may, use this principle is by far the most popular and commonly used in Philadelphia homes. This system of filtration is what can help reduce those aggravating allergens that come into your home. As you get into spring cleaning, consider the spring cleaning of your heating and air-conditioning vent system as one of the first and best steps to help control mold in allergens in your Philadelphia home.

To help with this spring cleaning here are a few easy steps to help:

1. Use Higher Quality Filters

While fiberglass filters are cheap and recommended to be replaced every 30 days, they only capture large particles of dust. Microscopic particles blow easily through these filters and for those who suffer from allergies, they will be insufficient to help make your home allergen free. Choose a filter that uses a corrugated surface that effectively increases the surface area and has a tighter we’ve to capture more allergens. Also available are electrostatic filters that capture even more dust and allergens for your Philadelphia home.

Use caution to purchase the highest rated filter: Really thick and tight woven filters can actually reduce airflow through your heating and air-conditioning system in your Philadelphia home causing the blower to work harder, essentially causing your electric bill to go up. (Especially in older forced air furnace and air-conditioning systems) Home-improvement stores will have different rating levels with descriptions for the types of particles that they filter. When choosing filters do not choose based upon price but rather based upon function… A few extra dollars goes a long way towards healthier living.

NOTE: Some air conditioning and heater systems have filters that are not easily accessible. If this is the case for your home over you are unsure as how to replace your filter be sure to call Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia for a quick maintenance visit.



This Video “seen on This Old House” does a good job identifying the different types of filters available.

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Person cleaning HVAC vent - Furnace and A/C Repair in Philadelphia2. Clean the return and blower vents

Especially in high-traffic areas in your Philadelphia home where the return vent is located in the floor, the vent and vent cavity (which is the box that the filter sits in) can collect a lot of debris that is blown through your system – check out our article on cleaning your vents. In addition check the cavity for any signs of buildup such as mold or pollen spores which may be collecting in the corners.

3. When dusting, don’t forget the furniture

It’s easy to spot dust buildup on the coffee table, in tables, picture frames and counters; but many forget that the same build up is on your couch, chairs and carpet. When removing these allergens and dust in your Philadelphia home use a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner or even go “old-school” and take an old tennis racket and hit the cushions; stirring and releasing the dust from the furniture so that it can be filtered.

4. Spring is a great time for an air-conditioning maintenance check-up

As the temperature starts to go up, the need for your air-conditioning system to function comes back into play. Before you crank up your air-conditioner make sure to give Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia a call to perform an air conditioning maintenance checkup and inspection. This inspection will not only look at the ductwork for your air-conditioning system but also all the different components that need to be working perfectly together so that you can get the best performance from your air-conditioning system. This will include the cleaning of the exterior condenser coils that are a commonplace for mold and mildew build up which can cause your air-conditioning unit to work harder. Daniels HVAC will also use its expertise in the large variety of air-conditioning systems to be able to give you best practice tips on how to get the most use out of your air-conditioning system.

Trust the experience that over 25 years in the industry can bring

Daniels HVAC has been serving the Philadelphia community for over 25 years providing high quality heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation services. Our unique approach to customer service has made us a regular name in the Philadelphia community for quality and reliability in the services that we provide.

Because of this experience, we have access to parts and components that help keep your older systems running longer without the need for expensive replacement. Daniels HVAC will never recommend the replacement of the heating and air-conditioning unit unless the unit operation or repair costs exceed that of a new unit option. Be sure to check out why Daniels HVAC has been so successful over the last 25 years in the Philadelphia area.

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