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5 Signs that a Steam Boiler needs Maintenance and Repairboiler repair
Do you have a steam boiler in your home or commercial setting? If ‘yes’, then you need to carry out regular repairs and maintenance to minimize the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. After all, it takes up to 25 percent more fuel to create superheated steam that’s then used to power the boiler.
It is possible to use a steam boiler for a long time without having it break down. But that doesn’t mean you use it forever without having it inspected for possible problems that could prevent it from producing enough heat. A qualified steam boiler maintenance and repair expert like Daniels HVAC will help you to identify and deal with all the possible problems.
Signs That a Steam Boiler Needs Repair
A steam boiler system could last for at least 30 years before requiring to be replaced. In the course of using a steam boiler system, how can you tell that it requires to be repaired? Check out for the following:
1. Age
If you have had your steam boiler for more than one year, you need to have it checked for any possible issues. Chances are that nothing will be found. But if some issues are noted, then it is easier for the repairs to be done in time before they affect the entire system.
2. Problems with the Heating Element
The primary source of energy in a steam boiler is the heating element. It heats up water to produce steam and create air pressure, which is then channeled throughout the house to provide heat. If the heating element isn’t performing efficiently, then it will not be possible to create enough steam to heat up all the rooms in the house.
3. Expansion of Space in Your Home
If you have provided additional space to your home, it could be necessary to replace or modify your steam boiler system. Older systems had only one pipe and were suitable for heating small spaces. When used in larger spaces, such systems may not provide as much heat as expected. A steam boiler maintenance and repair expert Daniels HVAC can help you add pipes to your system or repair broken pipes to make it more efficient.
4. Blocked Vents and Valves
For steam boilers to work, they need a series of vents and valves. When the vents of valves become blocked, then the heat reaching the rooms in your house will be greatly diminished. A professional steam boiler maintenance and repair expert like Daniels HVAC will work on the steam flow rate by unblocking the vents and valves. That way, all the rooms in your home will be adequately heated.
5. System Fails To Automatically Shut Down
Every steam boiler has a safety mechanism that shuts the fuel supply when the pressure becomes too high. This also happens when the level of water gets too low. If this is no longer happening, then your system is in a state of disrepair and requires an expert to look at it.
Don’t wait for too long until your steam boiler system fails completely. Regular repairs and maintenance ensure that you avoid the high cost of replacing the entire system. If you notice any of the signs above, don’t hesitate to call Daniels HVAC Philadelphia for help.