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mini split air conditioning system installation

mini split air conditioning system installationThe Mini Split Air conditioning system works well when considering old basement heating or window air conditioning unit in an additional room on a house. It works very well in place of the window unit. The difference between the two is that the mini split unit requires the drilling of only a small hole in the wall. It is, therefore, less likely to have problems with security and air leakage.

The mini split air conditioning system can be used in the following instances:

  • Hot and cold spots. Do you have a room in your home that always has an extreme temperature, whether hot or cold? You can solve the problem using the mini air conditioning system. You can better set the desired temperature for each of the rooms when you have one controller.
  • Remodels and additions. Are planning to add a room to your house or to convert the attic into an office? You don’t need to add extensive pipes or ductwork to your current AC system. Use a mini split air conditioning system for efficient cooling and heating.
  • New construction. If you are designing a new home, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use a mini split air conditioning system. You can install at least one systems in all the rooms and different zones of the home.

        Benefits of a Ductless / Mini split Air conditioning system


Are considering installing a mini split air conditioning system in your home? The following are some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy:

  • Instant comfort. Have you just added an office or sun room to your house? A mini split air conditioning system will help you whenever you want to heat or cool the room. You can use the system to get rid of the heat generated from electronics such as computers and printers.
  • Less noise. Unlike the conventional AC systems, the mini-split quietly cools or warms your room. That is why you are likely to find one in a recording studio. They are so quiet they cannot interfere with the music.
  • Fresh air. The mini split air conditioning system has a filter, which produces an ionizer field to remove unwanted particles and give you fresh air. It has an oscillating fan which pumps the fresh air to the rest of the room.
  • Customizable. The mini split air conditioning system can be suspended on a wall or hang from the ceiling. One of these can even be mounted on a drop ceiling. You can paint your mini-split so that it matches your room’s accent.
  • Saving energy. Unlike the conventional AC systems which deliver only 70 percent of the heat, the mini-split gives you 100 percent output. You also get to save energy by heating only the targeted space.

Clearly, the mini split air conditioning system is better than the conventional AC in many aspects. Try it today.


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