Priceing for 2023 Heater & furnace repair & service

1 General service prices. You must pay upfront to get a diagnostic report /estimate for the repair of your unit, and the trip charge is for the first 20 minutes, more will be added if more time is needed to figure out the issue. There are no refunds when you book an appointment.  You can book your appointment by making your payment of $90 we accept all Credit cards / E-checks       BOOK NOW CLICK 

After you Pay on the website to book your appointment, call us back to ensure we have all your information right and get the date and time for your appointment correct. 

Let me try and be more clear about diagnostic pricing. Most units its quick to diagnose a problem the newer units the Hi end ones Mini splits, heatpumps, steam boilers hi end furnaces take time to diagnose the issue you may have to revisit or get tech support on the phone. These units do not take 20 minutes, but they are time-consuming. We have a 2-3 HOUR Minimum. 

2  Heater / Furnace service preseason check /inspect/clean/test furnace $300 no parts. CLICK  PLEASE READ steam boiler pricing is much higher.

3  If you use us to repair the unit, the $90 will be applied to the final cost of the repair.

4.  Some units have unique problems like pressure switch tripping. There is no diagnostic needed the problem is just that. To try and solve that issue what is making the pressure switch to trip? Prices start at $350 and UP to try to search for why the switch is tripping the 10 reasons why this is happening. In many cases, we will have to take apart many things on the unit to try to repair your unit. If parts are needed, an additional cost for parts will be added on to do the job. 1 thing to keep in mind we can not Guarantee that this will work in some cases this is totally up to the owner to proceed. Testing for Electrical issues: If a repair is made like loose wires, we will charge, according to our pricing menu, $250 and up.  We like to be transparent on pricing upfront. We have overhead expenses being licensed contractor insurance, and wear and tear on the vehicle, just to name a few worker comps. When coming to your home or business to service your unit we charge by the job, not the hour.

5.  For furnace systems cleaning and inspection to certification, we charge $300 NO repair if parts are needed the cost will go up. We will let you know the price upfront for the total cost of the job to certify your unit And make it safe to operate.

6. When doing a Heater / Furnace inspection and cleaning we use a combustion Analysis tool to check the combustion performance & carbon monoxide output of the unit we also check the chimney draft, inspect wires for problems, and clean burner tubes, clean the firebox,  inspect safety switches, pressure relief valves, low water cut-off, and operating thermostat we do not carry filters if the customer has a filter then we will install them. We charge $300 to $400 to bleed the radiator to add water to your system. We are not responsible for old leaking values on your pipes if a repair is needed that cost will be applied to the service.

Steam Boiler repair/installation is $ 90.00 for an estimate of any service     click for more prices about Steam Boiler