Steps to take to reduce your heating bill this winter

Steps to take to reduce your heating bill this winter

heating repair philadelphiaThere is no reason why you should wait till you get that astronomical heating bill for you to take action. If anything, it will be too late to take action. By taking deliberate measures now, you should be able to reign in that heating bill. Here are critical steps you may want to take:

  Check the heating ducts and insulations

You don’t have to be an expert to crawl down the basement and up the attic to inspect your air ducts. Dust tends to manifest itself as black smudges around the duct joints and in your insulation. This can only mean that a lot of air is leaking through the spaces leading to wastage of energy. Why should you allow hot air to go out where you don’t want it? Get some metal-backed tape from a hardware store and repair the duct leaks.

Is your insulation enough and is it located in the right places? If you have any air ducts in cold places, consider insulating them. Any water pipes running in the attic or under the house should be covered with piping insulation. Cover your water heater with an insulating blanket, which you can find in any hardware shop.

  Sealing off your home

There are many openings in your home through which heat may escape. These include windows and doors. If there are any leaks around your door openings, ensure you install door sweeps. Seal all the gaps around your windows to ensure you save money on your energy costs. Your walls have electric outlets where you need to apply seals in the form of gaskets. To cap it all, ensure you install storm windows in place of your normal window screens.

  Cleaning the vents

To prevent more heat from escaping from your home, you need to clean your vents and registers. The aim is to increase the airflow and in turn make your heating system more efficient. Watch out for the air intake to your furnace. Replacing the air filter will help you to ensure there is nothing blocking your furnace. Cleaning the blades of your ceiling fans should also make it more efficient to deliver hot air into your home.

  Getting the heating system inspected

Before winter sets in, have your heating system inspected and serviced by a professional. A professional maintenance company will help you ensure that the system remains efficient when needed. If there is any maintenance or repairs needed, the professional will take care of it. That way, you will ensure that your system doesn’t fall apart in winter. If anything, you want to avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements at the most critical times.

  Buy fuel early

To avoid paying a premium, ensure you buy your fuel in summer. By carefully shopping around, you should be able to find a supplier that will help you fill your gas tanks cheaply. In winter, the demand for fuel is so high that prices can be unreasonably high.

Why should you wait till you get your winter heating bill before you act? Do something about it now!

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