5 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning repair service Bill in Philadelphia

With summer firmly upon us and our air conditioning use becoming greater in Philadelphia many folks are asking the question: “How can I save money on my air conditioning bill?” or Air conditioning repair Philadelphia.

At Daniels HVAC we’ve been serving Philadelphia for over 25 years and we’ve learned a few tricks that can help bring down your electric bill.
Here are 5 ways to help lower your air conditioning bill in Philadelphia:

Routime Service - AC repair philadelphia, AC service, AC maintenance, AC replacement and AC installation services in Philadelphia1. Regular maintenance, myth or method?

We’ve all seen the commercials and heard all the lines about how regular maintenance can save you money, but it really does. Having your air conditioning system properly cleaned and adjusted by Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia as part of a regular maintenance schedule might cost you a little now; but the savings will show on your electric bill as your air conditioner runs more efficiently. Freon pressure fluctuates based on temperature, although slightly, it’s enough to make your compressor work harder if those pressures are not consistent. If the freon level is too high or low then those variances can cause the compressor to work harder to achieve the same cooling results. When you have the correct amount of freon your air conditioning system can allow for slight variances without overworking the compressor; however, an air conditioning system that does not have the proper amount of freon will cause excessive wear on your compressor. Freon is only one of the air conditioner components to consider; proper internal lubrication is often overlooked and can have a significant impact on the longevity of your air conditioning system Philadelphia

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2. Keep it clean and cool

An air conditioning system in Philadelphia is much like any mechanical system as that when it runs it produces heat. Air movement across the condenser coils is what transfers the freon liquid to gas as part of the cooling process. When the fan’s airflow is obstructed by debris it does not allow for efficient cooling of the condenser coils. By that same token if debris is also restricting airflow through the condenser then the system is not going to work as efficiently as it can. So Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia recommends at the start of each season to make sure that your air conditioning system is free of debris and that the coils have been completely cleaned out so that the air conditioning process can work efficiently.

3. Let it breathe

Part of what keeps the temperature of the air in your home or business in Philadelphia is the return air filter. If the filter is dirty; it will not allow air to flow properly, making your air conditioning system work harder to keep your home or business in Philadelphia cool. It is important to note that the air return system of an air conditioner Philadelphia is an integral part of its cooling ability. An air conditioning system in its direct ability can only decrease the ambient air temperature by 10 to 15°; if you do the math; with a 90° day in Philadelphia then the best that the air conditioner can do is 75°. However; because of the return air system once the air conditioner cools the ambient temperature down to 75° it recirculates that 75° air cooling it down another 10 to 15° as desired for the temperature. So when the air return system for your air conditioner repair Philadelphia is not flowing properly it can have the air conditioner working harder to cool to the temperature that you desire. Remember to replace your air conditioning filter regularly for proper operation. You might want to even upgrade to a reusable/ washable filter to save money and the environment.

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Save money on your AC bill - AC repair, AC service, AC maintenance, AC replacement and AC installation services in Philadelphia4. What’s a few degrees among friends

Raising the temperature of your home or business in Philadelphia a few degrees can really make an impact on your utility bill. Being that nearly 16% of your average utility bill in Philadelphia during the summer is dedicated to air conditioning you can certainly see how being a little conservative on the temperature can save you some money. Most people do not notice a degree or two for the temperature especially if it’s done over a period of time; for example: raise the temperature from 72° to 73° and then two weeks later raise at the 74°. This simple change in temperature will often go unnoticed but can make a big impact when the utility bill comes. Daniels HVAC can install an updated thermostat that helps in the control of the temperature and increased efficiency of your current air conditioner installation Philadelphia.

Many businesses feel that they need the A/C system set at 65° to compensate for the doors constantly opening… but remember: customers are walking in from 90° Temperatures… 74° is going to feel just as cool as 65°. Many businesses can even install dual zone systems that can keep a more comfortable temperature progression so that you save money by not having the system struggle to keep all zones the same temperature.

5. Let’s just sleep on it

So many homes and businesses in Philadelphia keep their thermostat set to a certain temperature day or night; but if you think about it: at night you’re either sleeping under a blanket or your business in Philadelphia is empty! Using an automatic timer on your thermostat can raise the temperature up in the evenings and at night so that you’re not spending unnecessary energy cooling / heating a business that is not open or cooling a home that no one will notice a temperature change because they’re sleeping. If the timer is set correctly; it would be easy for the air conditioner to return the room to normal in the cool of the morning without overworking the air conditioning system in Philadelphia.

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