Why is the Air conditioner repair service philadelphia, more expensive now

Girl - A/C Repair, Service, Installs and Replacement in PhillyWhile there are many factors involved with answering this question the most common one is because of the cost of the freon or refrigerant that is in the system. Many air conditioning systems that were installed prior to 2010 use R-22 refrigerant which the EPA changed the guidelines of production for. With this guideline change production of R-22 would decrease beginning in 2010 in lieu of newer, more environmentally friendly refrigerants. As of 2015 R-22 production has decreased by 90% making the price for R-22 refrigerant significantly more expensive; therefore, costing more to replace your Freon during your air conditioning repair.

What can be done?

First let’s point out that if your air conditioning in Philadelphia needs charged as part of an air conditioning repair or maintenance check if it’s because there’s a leak in the system. Air conditioning systems that use R-22 are sealed systems and are not required to be topped off during an air conditioning service or repair in Philadelphia. If the air conditioning system is low on Freon it may be because of a failed component, seal deterioration or physical damage to one of the air conditioning system components. Most commonly is the rubber O-rings that get hard and crack from exposure. The weather in Philadelphia can play havoc on rubber components that are exposed to the ever-changing Philadelphia climate and cause a need for air conditioning repair. An air conditioning professional from Daniels HVAC will be able to determine where the leak is and repair air conditioner as needed.

What are my options?

First a professional from Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia can determine during a regular maintenance inspection if there is any need for an air conditioning repair or servicing. If the R-22 Freon is low they can safely evacuate the remaining Freon, repair the air conditioning system and then replace the existing R-22 Freon topping off as needed. While this may seem like the cheapest route, depending on how much R-22 Freon is needed for the air conditioning repair, it may turn out to be the most expensive one.

Technician - A/C Repair, Service, Installs and Replacement in Philly

Another option is to retrofit the R-22 Freon in lieu of a more environmentally friendly air conditioning refrigerant such as R-410A or R-422D. Depending on the type of air conditioning system and amount/ type of repair needed, your air conditioning repair professional at Daniels HVAC can change necessary air conditioning components to update the air conditioning system to handle the new environmentally friendly air conditioning refrigerant. Some of the steps that would be needed to do this repair would be:

  • Inspection of all Air Conditioning components making sure that no components are damaged

  • Replacement of all rubber o-rings and seals

  • Replacement of the receiver dryer (filter)

  • Full and complete evacuation of all old R-22 refrigerants and oils

  • Flushing the air conditioning system of any debris or contaminants

  • Leak testing of the air conditioning system

  • Making any necessary repairs of damaged components

  • Properly filling and testing with the new environmentally friendly refrigerant

By doing a retrofit from R-22 to a new environmentally friendly refrigerant, providing that the air conditioning system in Philadelphia and its components have at least 5 to 8 years of life left in it, you will save money because you’re updating the A/C system to a style of Freon that is much cheaper; so that if future air conditioning repairs are needed the cost of Freon will be significantly less.

As a last resort your representative at Daniels HVAC may recommend the replacement of your air conditioning unit if the availability of parts or condition of parts will not support the new style environmentally friendly Freon or if your air conditioning repair would exceed the cost of a new unit.

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