Heating and Cooling repair in Philadelphia PA – 101

Heating and Cooling repair in Philadelphia PA – 101

Heating and cooling are very essential features of owning a home. It is always the major criteria for choosing a house before purchase and they are the major form of comfort in any house.

You might be familiar with the term “HVAC,” it is used to refer to home heating and cooling system. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is the meaning of the term and the basic functions of a house. They help maintain a stable temperature in the house and as well ensure the quality of the air is good.

Central systems

Heating and cooling can be central or local based on the function. Central heating and cooling system is widely used for most buildings as they are capable of controlling the temperature of different room at the same time. Warm or cold air is generated and spread the entire house from a central location. There are different types of central systems such as the packaged product systems or the traditional split systems.

PICTURE OF WOMEN FROZEN FACEProducts majorly used for the central heating and cooling system are:

Fan Coils

Heat Pumps

Air Conditions

Gas and Oil Furnaces

Controls and Thermostats

Evaporator Coils

Single Packaged Products

For smaller spaces like the office or bedroom, local heating and cooling systems like the Ductless Split Systems and Air Conditioners.


Heating systems are meant to warm up your house and keep it comfortable. This is especially used in cold climate environment. These cooling and heating systems are usually referred to as forced air systems because the air they distribute passes through a ductwork. The ductwork comes along with products that clean the air and make is fresh. Radiant systems produce and distribute to the entire house through the use of radiators.

PICTURE OF heater burner on furnaceThe major heating products are:

Fan coils



Gas and Oil Furnaces

Heat Pumps

Single Packaged Product Systems

Whole-home air conditioning systems are central systems which distributes cool air to the house through the use of ducts. The basic functions of an air-conditioning system are cooling, ventilation, humidity control and heating if there is a heat pump. The home gets cooled when refrigerants like Puron, Refrigerant, and Freon are delivered to evaporator coils. It absorbs the refrigerant and then sends cool air to the home.

Instead of cooling the entire house with refrigerants and ducts, an air condition has all it needs to cool a single room. Room air conditioners are perfect for cooling a single room since the air is sent into directly into a small space. Sealed windows are preferred to open ones as this would help for proper maintenance of constant temperature.

frozen mini split heat pumpThe major air conditioning products are:

Central Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Evaporator Coils

Specialty Products-Ductless Split Systems

Ductless split systems does not depend on air ducts for the distribution of treated air to the home. Therefore they are perfect for rooms that does not require ducts, places like garage or exercise room. They are referred to as split-systems since the condensing unit is located outside the home while indoor unit stays on the wall for control of air flow.

Systems like high-wall, under-ceiling and cassette are mounted either in or close to the ceiling. This is made to fit in with the room decoration and maintain the temperature to ensure comfort. Every system has remote control which enables the users to regulate the temperature of the house.

Major Ductless Systems:


Cassette Systems

Under-Ceiling Systems

High Wall Systems

A thermostat controls the operation of heating and cooling system of the house. These devices help you to maintain a stable temperature in your house by controlling the heating and cooling system. They can also be used to control the timing of the system in order to cut down cost and energy consumption.

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There are many more things you can learn about heating and cooling systems such as the type of systems available, how to choose a perfect system for your house, the benefit of quality air in your home, how to manage energy consumption to cut down cost, the effect of heating and cooling to the environment and so many other related issues.