Heating & Cooling Repair Company in Philadelphia

Heating & Cooling Repair Company in Philadelphia 

MAN DOING HEATING AND COOLING SERVICEWhen it comes to repairing your home’s heating and air condition system in Philadelphia, you only want to get the best service from qualified and affordable personnel’s. You need the services of a company that delivers top notch services to keep your central heating system and air conditioning systems working properly. There is much in HVAC system repair than what catches the eye and the efficiency rating. Matching components, sizing, and proper repair are key things to consider.

Central heating system repair in Philadelphia

Central heating is a heating system that heats the air at a central point and sends it through your entire home or commercial building duct work to provide warmth. As technology progresses, there are more options of heating system, including a ductless heating system.

Heating and cooling repair company in Philadelphia will analyze your heating system, identify any malfunction and provide repair services that your heating system might need. Whether it’s a modern system, a high-efficiency system or it’s an old heating system, the team of experts have been trained to provide the necessary needed repair and maintenance. The repair and maintenance work will keep your heating system in top working order to help you cut your monthly energy cost.

Air conditioning repair

A tradition home air condition system has two parts: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that comprises of a furnace and air handler, etc. the outdoor unit cools the air and sends it to the indoor unit for circulation to various rooms in a home. Both units are designed to work together, so if one unit fails, you can get maximum efficiency.

Heating and cooling repair company in Philadelphia, have trained and certified technicians who will analyze for any malfunction in your air conditioning system. After diagnosing you system malfunction, they will offer the needed service to ensure you get maximum efficiency and enable your system to last longer.

Our technicians will also check:

  • The size of your heating system and see if has the capacity to efficiently serve your home heating and cooling purposes.
  • The quality of your home insulation to achieve your desired results.

When it comes to repairing, replacing and installing your central heating system or air conditioning system, we know and understand how expensive it can be. That’s why we always use certified technicians to analyze, diagnose, repair and maintain your HVAC system. Our top quality services will leave you with a peace of mind.


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Heat vs. Humidity – Understanding Comfort Levels in your Philadelphia Home

Pic of man shivering - Furnace Repair in PhiladelphiaDoes it seem like you’re always needing to adjust the thermostat in your Philadelphia home? Does one area of the home feel cool while another area feels warm? While these cool/warm zones can develop for a number of reasons, one of the most popular, yet seldom known, is from humidity. Because Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia has been serving the community for over 25 years, our careful analysis of circumstances that our customers have reported; has led us to be the area experts when it comes to properly diagnosing these cool/warm zones otherwise known as: the “comfort level”. In this article, we will look at how heat vs. humidity can affect the comfort level of your Philadelphia home.

What is humidity?

Humidity simply is: the amount of moisture that is contained in the air. Sometimes you’ll here the weather man talk about the humidity level in the ambient air outside saying that: “It’s going to be sticky outside today!” … Other times you might hear them express that the low humidity will bring about a pleasant day. Inside your home, you get to control the climate; so naturally humidity is one of those factors that will need to be controlled so that you get the best comfort level within your Philadelphia home.

How Does Humidity Effect the Comfort Level of my Philadelphia Home?

The amount of moisture in the air of your Philadelphia home helps to determine the comfort level. This is because the moisture in the air helps the air to retain the heat that is being produced by your furnace.

If the moisture level is too high (damp) it can make a room feel muggy; as you move away from the heat source this same humidity level would make your skin feel clammy and chilled. High humidity conditions can also cause a buildup of mold on different services within the home.

If the moisture level is too low, it will make the room feel cooler than it really is; making your skin feel dry. This low moisture level is more common during the winter months, as with most traditional heating systems, are designed to blow warm air throughout your Philadelphia home which will dry out the air. You will also notice this by an increase of static electricity in your clothes or even, in some cases, spontaneous nosebleeds due to extreme dry air.

Daniels HVAC has been Serving the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Call today to see the difference experience can make! (267) 971-3639

thermostat on wall - Furnace Repair in PhiladelphiaIs there an Ideal Humidity Comfort Level Available?

Our bodies respond best when the inside humidity level is between 40% to 50%. This reading can be taken by a hygrometer purchased from a box store retailer for as little as $10. If the humidity is too low or too high, it can significantly affect the comfort level. Being that, especially during the winter, the comfort level is often thought of as temperature differences rather than humidity; it may cause someone to continue to adjust the thermostat which can significantly effect the heating bill as well.

What Solutions are Available to Balance the Humidity in my Philadelphia Home?

Some residents in Philadelphia will try to solve the humidity problem by purchasing humidifiers and dehumidifiers, placing them strategically through the home. Depending on the size of your home and desired comfort level, this can be a very expensive process; not to mention, constantly turning one or the other on to meet the desired comfort level.

A better solution would be to contact Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia to perform a comfort level analysis. This analysis would help determine the condition of the heating system, the level of humidity based upon the temperature and the size needs of the home. This analysis may lead to a recommendation of installing a humidity unit that could be integrated into your current heating system, balancing the humidity to the 40% to 50% that is recommended.

Trust Daniels HVAC When Experience Matters

We have visited many Philadelphia residents over our 25+ years of service where other HVAC companies recommended the replacement of their heating system over the suggestion that they never felt comfortable during the winter. Instead of determining humidity levels as a possible reason for the discomfort they ended up buying a new heating system that they did not need. This is where the years of experience that Daniels HVAC has in Philadelphia really comes into play. Our high quality service goes beyond our training and plays much into the experience that we have gained by helping our many satisfied customers over the years. Being one of the most experienced HVAC companies in Philadelphia doesn’t mean that we charge more: we work hard to make sure that our prices are competitive and fair for all the services we perform.

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                        HEATING AND COOLING


warming up by a house radiator Heating and cooling is the technology taken up by companies which are geared towards providing air quality and also thermal comfort inside households and other residential structures. They can include hotels, residential buildings, industries, hospitals. The main idea behind heating and cooling is always the ability to regulate the atmosphere conditions to the desired levels at any one given time.

Heating and cooling main ideas

The process of heating and cooling entails areas revolving around air conditioning, heating and to some extent ventilation. Air conditioning is geared towards providing humidity control and also bringing a cooling effect in a given structural facility. Those structures designed to take up air conditioning have sealed windows in them. The open windows, in most cases have been proven to work against those systems which are intended to provide a given regulated indoor air conditions. Heating and cooling companies which provide air conditions from the outside, the fresh air is always drawn to the inside sections through a vent, all the way to the heat exchange section, and thus creating the at most air pressure needed.


Heating is the process involving the ability to provide heat or warmth in a given place for example in a building. Companies involved in heating come up with systems with boilers, heat pump so as to heat water and also a furnace. Different modes in which heat is generated include methods like radiation, conduction and convention. Where heating and cooling companies are involved in heating water or steam, the piping method is used to transport water to the required destination example inside the rooms.

 The heat is usually transferred to the surrounding air by the use of radiators or other available heat exchangers. These radiators can be fixed on the walls or installed on the floor so as to provide heat from it. This in turn provides heat to the whole room and warms up the atmosphere. Other areas which are of key focus include in the bathrooms. Heated water does supply the heat exchanger to the bathrooms for general cleaning and hence there is need to maintain the heated water at the required levels.

The warm air in the system usually distributes the heated air through the duct work system. Heating and cooling companies are meant to ensure that systems in the duct distribute the cooled air through a coil which acts as an evaporator. Some of the dangers associated with heating however are evident. For example , the use of space heaters, boilers,  furnaces or even boilers can result to fire and hence emit combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides etc


Ventilation involves the replacement of air so as to control the available temperatures and also remove the combination of smoke, bad odor, bacteria so as to provide and replenish oxygen. Heating and cooling companies provide ventilation through the exchange from the outside and circulating it to the inside within a given building. Ventilation ensures that indoor air quality is maintained


Have the comfort you deserve with heating and cooling technology!




MAN DOING AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATIONIn the contemporary world we live in today, people have developed various mechanisms to enhance their survival in a better way. For example, there has been need to put more emphasis and embrace new technology which has come along with the Heating and cooling Repair Company. It goes without saying then, that it is necessary to repair these systems when they fail to operate in their expected manner.

A Heating and cooling Repair Company covers a wide scope ranging from air conditioning, ventilation systems and to a greater part heating. Heating involves keeping the temperatures warm, especially inside a room for comfort purposes. This is usually done through installing systems like use of radiators which are fixed on the wall or installed on the floor to provide heat and the use of furnace to keep the whole surrounding warm among others. For example, a heating and cooling Repair Company will follow the following steps to ensure that the furnace is working efficiently.

Steps to ensure that the furnace is working efficiently include

  1.   One should ensure that the vent is clear since any blockage inside the vent will cause the furnace to work inefficiently.
  2.   The heating and cooling repair company should ensure that the thermostat which generates the heat is working properly in a manner in which it is meant to
  3.   The air filter should always be changed at every start of any heating season and also every month when the furnace in use.
  4.   Any gas leaks should be checked. The heating and cooling company should ensure that anytime there is a smell of a gas or connection damages, there is always         need to call a professional technician to come and attend to the problem.
  5.   If there is an electric air cleaner, the air filter should be cleaned every month on regular basis for its proper functioning.

        Also, it is worth noting that a major step involving a comprehensive and thorough annual cleaning and safety inspection is done by a profession for the whole heating system. This ensures continuity and also durability as far as the whole heating system lasts. The furnace should be replaced when it fails to perform in its right way

cleaning heater ducks How to know when to repair the furnace

The heating and cooling repair company considers some factors in determining when to repair the furnace. For example,

Cost: There should be the quoted cost of replacement including the installation charges. An accurate comparison is then made.

Age:  The actual span of a furnace should be fifteen years of age. When used more than the given period of time it’s hence considered risky.

Efficiency: When the energy bills shoot up so high, there is always the need for repair to cut down costs.

When it comes to cooling, ventilation of households is necessary. For example, it is necessary to have a well ventilated household especially to persons living in heated areas. This ensures a regulated range of air quality enjoyed at a given time to ensure that people are comfortable. Ventilation ensures that oxygen is replenished over time. This is to ensure there is cool air from the outside which gets its way to the inside of a given household.

Choose a Heating and Cooling Company today for all your heating and cooling repairs! You’ll forever be grateful you did!

Heating and Cooling repair in Philadelphia PA – 101

Heating and Cooling repair in Philadelphia PA – 101

Heating and cooling are very essential features of owning a home. It is always the major criteria for choosing a house before purchase and they are the major form of comfort in any house.

You might be familiar with the term “HVAC,” it is used to refer to home heating and cooling system. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is the meaning of the term and the basic functions of a house. They help maintain a stable temperature in the house and as well ensure the quality of the air is good.

Central systems

Heating and cooling can be central or local based on the function. Central heating and cooling system is widely used for most buildings as they are capable of controlling the temperature of different room at the same time. Warm or cold air is generated and spread the entire house from a central location. There are different types of central systems such as the packaged product systems or the traditional split systems.

PICTURE OF WOMEN FROZEN FACEProducts majorly used for the central heating and cooling system are:

Fan Coils

Heat Pumps

Air Conditions

Gas and Oil Furnaces

Controls and Thermostats

Evaporator Coils

Single Packaged Products

For smaller spaces like the office or bedroom, local heating and cooling systems like the Ductless Split Systems and Air Conditioners.


Heating systems are meant to warm up your house and keep it comfortable. This is especially used in cold climate environment. These cooling and heating systems are usually referred to as forced air systems because the air they distribute passes through a ductwork. The ductwork comes along with products that clean the air and make is fresh. Radiant systems produce and distribute to the entire house through the use of radiators.

PICTURE OF heater burner on furnaceThe major heating products are:

Fan coils



Gas and Oil Furnaces

Heat Pumps

Single Packaged Product Systems

Whole-home air conditioning systems are central systems which distributes cool air to the house through the use of ducts. The basic functions of an air-conditioning system are cooling, ventilation, humidity control and heating if there is a heat pump. The home gets cooled when refrigerants like Puron, Refrigerant, and Freon are delivered to evaporator coils. It absorbs the refrigerant and then sends cool air to the home.

Instead of cooling the entire house with refrigerants and ducts, an air condition has all it needs to cool a single room. Room air conditioners are perfect for cooling a single room since the air is sent into directly into a small space. Sealed windows are preferred to open ones as this would help for proper maintenance of constant temperature.

frozen mini split heat pumpThe major air conditioning products are:

Central Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Evaporator Coils

Specialty Products-Ductless Split Systems

Ductless split systems does not depend on air ducts for the distribution of treated air to the home. Therefore they are perfect for rooms that does not require ducts, places like garage or exercise room. They are referred to as split-systems since the condensing unit is located outside the home while indoor unit stays on the wall for control of air flow.

Systems like high-wall, under-ceiling and cassette are mounted either in or close to the ceiling. This is made to fit in with the room decoration and maintain the temperature to ensure comfort. Every system has remote control which enables the users to regulate the temperature of the house.

Major Ductless Systems:


Cassette Systems

Under-Ceiling Systems

High Wall Systems

A thermostat controls the operation of heating and cooling system of the house. These devices help you to maintain a stable temperature in your house by controlling the heating and cooling system. They can also be used to control the timing of the system in order to cut down cost and energy consumption.

Learn More

There are many more things you can learn about heating and cooling systems such as the type of systems available, how to choose a perfect system for your house, the benefit of quality air in your home, how to manage energy consumption to cut down cost, the effect of heating and cooling to the environment and so many other related issues.

Heating and Cooling Service

Heating and Cooling Service Systems

man fixing a hvac systemIn the past, for you to get both heating and cooling services, you had to install two distinct pieces of equipment. In the modern high-tech era, you can get yourself an innovative, sophisticated system that offers both heating services as well as cooling services. Heating and cooling services are commonly packaged as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They entail pieces of equipment such as air conditioners, furnaces, heaters, heat pumps and boilers.

Air conditioners, with dual heating and cooling capacities, have become the most popular heating and cooling systems. With a twitch of a thermostat knob or a remote button, you can instantly change your room temperature from hot to cold or vice versa. They are available in a myriad of designs customized to fit different purposes. There are air conditioning units for large rooms, small rooms, warehouses, industrial plants, cars and even planes. Most air conditioners, though, are just used for cooling purposes. For heating, you might be more inclined to try out a furnace, heater, heat pump or boiler.


Heating and Cooling Business Services

women in joying cooling system


Several companies offer a range of heating and cooling services in every major city. You need to research more about companies near you to get the best quality heating and cooling services at the fairest prices. Like  www.danielshvacphiladelphia their services vary from the installation of heating and cooling equipment, professional maintenance, repair and replacement of such systems to mobile heating and cooling services. Heating and cooling services have been blended into other services, products, and systems such as water dispensing systems. Most water dispensers now have dual water heating and cooling features.




Considerations when Selecting a Heating and Cooling Service

When procuring heating and cooling services for your home or office, make sure you understand your needs so that you look for a service that ultimately fulfills those needs efficiently and cost-effectively. To start with, do you need heating or cooling services? Do you need both? What is your budget? You might then consider acquiring a package or system that combines both. You also need to consider safety concerns; that are unique to your home or office, based on building design and the demographics of the occupants. You should not acquire a cooling system that has extreme cooling capacities if you have an occupant who has hypothermic and cold-related health complications such as susceptibility to pneumonia.

Heating and cooling services are no longer luxuries to be yearned for; they are a necessity; particularly in regions that experience vagarious weather changes. Don’t hesitate to get yourself a heating and cooling service like www.danielshvacphiladelphia to cushion you against the vagaries of weather and to improve the quality of your life.