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5 Reasons for Leaky Ductwork in Your HVAC System

How do you tell if there is leaky ductwork in your HVAC system? To know if the ductwork in your home is leaking air, you need to look out for certain tell-tale signs. If anything, the HVAC system will not operate as efficiently as when it is free of damage.
Here is how a forced air HVAC system works. Connecting the equipment is a system of pipes through which cold or hot air is moved to the rooms in the house. These ducts need to be completely sealed. If not, air will start leaking out of the HVAC system.
Here are some of the signs that could indicate the presence of leaky ductwork in your HVAC system:
Lack of Comfort                                                                    
If the air in your house has been feeling stuffy of late, it could be an indicator that you have leaky ductwork. You could also be finding it hard to cool certain rooms in the house. It is highly likely that the cold air that should be coming into the house is leaking into the outdoors. Don’t blame the floor plan in your room but rather check out the duct connections.
Low Air Quality
When the connections in the ductwork are compromised, they are likely to let in air from the basement. The likely outcome is that this air will begin to smell like the pesticides, fertilizers, and paint thinners stored in the basement. As you already know, the air from your HVAC system shouldn’t have any smell. If you notice any changes, check the ductwork.
High Energy Bills
How high are your utility bills? Do you think you get what you pay for? Could the HVAC system be consuming much more than you are getting? If you already have high utility bills, the problem could be made worse by leaking ductwork. It’s simply for the reason that you are paying for the air that gets into your house as well as that which leaks out. You can reduce your energy bills by fixing the leaky ductwork in your HVAC system.
Backdrafting of Hazardous Fumes
There are other appliances in your home which produce fumes and send them outside your home. After they have released these fumes, the leaky ductwork may pick it up and return it right back into your home. Apart from reducing the air quality in your home, this may prove to be costly and dangerous as well. If you don’t solve the problem early enough, you will end up being exposed to the poisonous carbon monoxide.
A Dusty Home
Dust is a fact that you will have to deal with in your home. When you have leaky ductwork, you stand the risk of having fine dust particles getting distributed throughout your home. Of course, a little bit of dust is normal. But if there seems to be a lot of dust in your home, the culprit should be leaky HVAC ductwork.
If the ductwork is not serving you as it should, talk to a qualified Daniels HVAC installation and repairs expert to give it an examination. If they find any glaring issues, they will fix them for you.