Should I use a Ductless Mini Split HVAC system for my Philadelphia home?

Man installing a Ductless Mini Split - Ductless Mini Split HVAC system installation, maintenance and repair services in PhiladelphiaWith so many different types of HVAC systems available in the Philadelphia area, trust Daniels HVAC to match the right HVAC system for home’s needs. Each HVAC system that is available in the Philadelphia area has advantages and disadvantages. To see if a Ductless Mini Split HVAC system is right for you, we need to look at a couple of quick things:

  • Are you having a room addition built in your Philadelphia home?

  • Are you renovating your attic or basement to a livable space?

  • Do you want the flexibility of having different temperatures in different rooms?

  • Do you have a Philadelphia home that does not currently have air-conditioning?

  • Do you like to save money?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions above than a Ductless Mini Split Unit installed by Daniels HVAC may be the perfect choice to provide heating and cooling comfort in your Philadelphia home. To understand what makes the Ductless Mini Split System unique, let’s look at how a Ductless Mini Split System works.

Ductless Mini Split HVAC Overview

A Ductless Mini Split System is a unit that has one outdoor compressor unit that goes to independently controlled pods or units located in each room. Residents in Philadelphia can understand this concept having seen independent radiator heaters or baseboard heaters that have been traditionally used for many years in Philadelphia homes. Because this is a heat pump system the technology allows it to:

  • Pump heat out of the inside of each room independently and pump it outside during the summer.


  • Pump in warm air from the outside into each room independently during the winter.

This process of heat transfer is extremely efficient with very few moving parts so maintenance on these types of heat pump systems is very low. To see more about how a heat pump system works click here.

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Ductless Mini Split System versus traditional heat and air conditioning systems

Adjusting Ductless Mini Split - Ductless Mini Split HVAC system installation, maintenance and repair services in PhiladelphiaA Ductless Mini Split System installed by Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia, in many ways, is more efficient than a traditional forced air heating and air-conditioning system.

A traditional heating system that utilizes a forced air, gas or electric furnace works from a simple concept of heating air and then forcing it into the home through the ductwork. This ductwork has been routed throughout the walls, ceilings and floors of the Philadelphia home. Because the heated air, in some cases, needs to travel some distance to get to rooms within the home it loses some of its heat and efficiency (as much as 30% depending on the insulation used!) In addition, many older forced air heating systems in Philadelphia do not have return vents independent for each room or area creating an inefficient capacity for recirculation and reheating. Traditional forced air heating systems in Philadelphia also can create cool zones (areas that received no heat) within the home based upon how the ductwork was positioned.

A Ductless Mini Split HVAC system eliminates the need for ductwork, therefore instantly it is more efficient than traditional heating system. It additionally will allow for the elimination of cold zones commonly found in traditional heating systems as well. Add to that the advantage of being able to set the comfort level in each room can significantly increase the efficiency and drastically reduce your heating bill. By lowering the temperature in rooms seldom used you can essentially decrease the workload that the heating system needs to keep the home comfortable.

Pro’s and Con’s Ductless Mini Split HVAC system

Cleaning the filters in the Ductless Mini Split HVAC system in PhiladelphiaYou’ve  come to know Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia as a straight shooter over the last 25 years… and were going to be no different here.  In this article we have addressed many of the advantages of a Ductless Mini Split HVAC system; but we should discuss the two disadvantages of this type of system:

The Wall Mounted Unit

Unlike a traditional forced air heating and air-conditioning unit that has a centrally positioned blower, a Ductless Mini Split HVAC system uses independent units mounted on the wall 6-8 inches from the ceiling. Depending on the size and layout of the room, this unit may create a visual point that might not match the style of the room.

Heat Pump Technology

Because the Ductless Mini Split HVAC system utilizes heat pump technology (see article on heat pumps) in extreme cold conditions a backup heating system may be necessary. To keep with the comfort zone advantages we would recommend utilizing an electric baseboard heating system that would only kick in to help keep the temperature at your desired comfort level.

When experience counts

Daniels HVAC has been the Philadelphia area expert in Ductless Mini Split HVAC system installations, maintenance and repair for years. With our reputation and customer service going back 25 years in the Philadelphia area, customers have come to trust our expertise when helping decide which HVAC system will work best in your Philadelphia home. Because there are so many different systems available such as the Ductless Mini Split HVAC system, we can discuss with you your needs, budget and application of your HVAC unit to make sure that you get the very best price for the HVAC unit that will fit your individual need.

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