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furnace inspection maintenanceNobody wants to be in a situation where it gets tougher to survive in extreme cold up north. It’s winter in Philadelphia, and you would definitely need a heating system to keep your home warm. Home-Furnaces plays an important role in taking care of your home’s heating system during winters. Philadelphia has a great number of HVAC contractors who would install and provide furnace repair service on heater and furnace system at a very low price. They will skip the safety switches to save the landlord money to get the job please don’t used they guys.

Normally, a furnace system will serve you for many years before furnace repair or a furnace replacement is needed but that won’t happen if proper furnace maintenance and frequent checks aren’t carried out. Unfortunately, we only pay attention to something when a problem arises and damage has already been done. You being the user, should know when it is required to clean up your home gas furnace. This way you can prevent your electric furnace from major costly furnace repairs as well as ensure that your central units are efficient enough to save you money on your monthly power bill.

There are a few tips I would like to give to you for better functioning of your home furnace or heater.

1.Make sure that you are working under safe conditions
          Gas appliances can malfunction anytime, therefore, you must ensure that you have taken proper and adequate safety measures before you exercise any cleaning or repairing work. 

2.Make sure there are no flammable objects around your furnace
                Normally a home gas furnace is located in a basement, a storage room or in a separate place. The best way to avoid any hazards taking place in your home will be to not place any flammable thing, like clothes, gasoline, paint or any other household item that can catch fire, close to the furnace.

3.Clean and replace filter for better functioning of blower motor
The blower motor repair along with the filter plays a crucial role in a furnace system. The filter traps dust and debris and serves in the process of delivering warm and fresh air throughout the rooms in your home. An unclean or faulty filter would mean a malfunctioning blower since the filter is installed in the furnace blower. The easiest way of maintaining your furnace maintenance is to replace your filter. It is inexpensive and will keep your furnace blower motor functional thus saving money over complete replacement or repair of a blower motor.

furnace inspection of duck work4.Clean condenser coils
Dirt and dust will clog upon the condenser gradually if it is not cleaned frequently and this will result in a poor heating performance of the furnace or heater.

5. Clean the ducts
Blocked ventilation is dangerous and can cause lots of hazards to the users. A professional would remove the vent and use a high-powered vacuum to clean up the ducts and vents from the inside but you can use a large brush for cleaning the vents.

Although You can get the most out of your furnace by cleaning and maintaining it yourself if you follow the above tips, a thorough inspection by a professional hvac company will always be helpful in identifying major sources of heat loss in your home and also in identifying the irregularities or problems with the furnace which you cannot take care of by yourself. A small checkup would cost you a little money but may save you from other hurdles and damages in the long run.

Tips for getting your gas furnace ready for winter

gas furnace installation - gas furnace repair service PhiladelphiaAs the temperature begins to get cooler here in Philadelphia it’s time to start thinking about running your heater. While you hope that just turning the thermostat down would be all that you need; Daniels HVAC would like to provide you with some tips to make sure that your gas furnace is running efficiently and safely through the winter season.

Change your Gas Furnace Filter

For some HVAC systems in Philadelphia the air conditioning filter and gas furnace filter are separate. In this case especially you need to make sure that you check and/or replace the gas furnace filter. Depending on the location of your gas furnace filter you may need assistance to replace it (some gas furnace filters are located in crawlspaces that are not easily accessible). If you need assistance replacing your gas furnace filter be sure to contact Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia are fast and efficient service.

Inspect and Clean the Gas Furnace Ductwork

This often forgotten service one that can vastly improve the efficiency of your gas furnace in Philadelphia. Heavier collected dust and debris can easily get into your ductwork from floor mounted heater vents and the return vent. From normal daily use of walking over the grates, debris from your shoes can go down inside the ductwork and eventually work their way down to the blower motor. Many older gas furnace heating units in Philadelphia do not have a separate screen or filter for the blower and therefore these larger pieces of sentimental or debris can cause damage to the blower motor. While it is ideal to do the inspection and cleaning annually, Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia recommends once every three years, at a maximum, to have your HVAC ductwork blown out professionally.

Inspecting the Gas Furnace Chimney

It is very important that the chimney or flu of your gas heating system in Philadelphia is free of debris, the gas heater chimney is what removes harmful fumes such as carbon monoxide safely from your home. Because these gases are also very hot, flammable debris in the chimney can naturally become combustible. Many fires in Philadelphia are caused each year because of twigs, grass and other materials being placed by critters into the chimney when it is not operating in the spring and summer months. A quick inspection of the gas furnace chimney can save you an unnecessary call to an Daniels HVAC repair service OR to the fire Department!

Daniels HVAC has been Serving the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Call today to see the difference experience can make! (267) 971-3639

Gas Furnace Unit – general inspection

cleaning a gas furnace in PhiladelphiaThe gas furnace unit is the heart of the heating system in your Philadelphia home. Careful attention should be made when removing panels to inspect the burners, the combustion chamber, wiring, blower motor and blades (also known as a squirrel cage). Be careful not to use any type of flammable cleaning chemicals or utensils that may damage the burners or combustion chamber. Carefully inspect for damage and corrosion on the burners, cracks in the lining of the combustion chamber and damage to the blower fan blades due to debris. You also want to make sure that the area surrounding the gas furnace is free of dirt (never place or store flammable materials within 10 feet of the furnace).  

The wiring of most gas furnaces in Philadelphia are exposed directly behind the inspection panel, because the gas furnace area is traditionally very hot, the coverings of these wires become brittle and crack (usually after 5 to 7 years of use) Use extreme caution when around these wires! Electrical shock hazard is very likely if you attempt to inspect the unit during operation with these wires exposed. Because of the sensitive nature of a gas furnace, it is highly recommended to have an HVAC professional maintenance and repair service such as Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia, inspect and maintain your gas furnace to make sure that it is safe and running efficiently.

When Experience Counts

Daniels HVAC has been providing excellent gas furnace inspection, maintenance, repair and installation services to Philadelphia residents for over 25 years. Our reputation for customer satisfaction is only matched by our desire to make sure the customers get the best value for their gas furnace needs. Because of our experience we have the ability to get hard to find parts for gas furnaces in Philadelphia rather than replacement of the unit. Daniels HVAC will never make a recommendation for unit replacement unless it’s absolutely needed. Be sure to trust proven experience when choosing the HVAC company that will provide your gas furnace inspection, maintenance, repair and insulation needs.

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Furnace repair installation service Philadelphia Pa.

Furnacy Repair Philly

                 Furnace repair installation service philadelphia

It’s one of those little things that you don’t think about until you need to but when it gets cold in Philadelphia it sure does remind you fast. Furnace repair installation service Philadelphia is something that can be as simple as a little cleaning around the blower motor all the way up to replacement of the unit. Because there are so many different types of gas furnaces installation service that are used in the Philadelphia area the need of a HVAC specialist becomes very apparent when you consider the price of parts and an incorrect diagnosis can end up costing you much more than a service visit. Consider also the fuel source such as a gas furnace repair; when not repaired properly, it can create a significant danger to your home or business. Gas can build up harmful fumes poisoning the air slowly or even be ignited causing severe damage or worse.

Preventative furnace repair Philadelphia

The general rule to keep your gas furnace in top condition and reduce the need for furnace repair Philadelphia is a little preventative furnace maintenance. Having an HVAC specialist examine your furnace periodically can help determine if there’s any problems that may leave you out in the cold. If furnace repair Philadelphia is needed there are several quality HVAC furnace repair service companies in Philadelphia that can certainly do a great job for you, but with so many furnace repair installation services to choose from how do I know which one is the right one to call? Daniels HVAC has been serving Philadelphia for over 25 years and has developed relationships with parts suppliers and retailers for hard to find parts for older systems as well as ties with most major furnace manufactures to give you the best price available when needing a furnace repair Philadelphia.

Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia has extensive experience with all types of gas furnace installation Philadelphia. Because there are so many different gas furnace heating systems in Philadelphia it is important to choose a company with years of experience on a variety of furnace systems and types of furnace repairs Philadelphia:

  • Central warm-air furnace

  • Steam Boiler – Hydronic Boilers

  • Heat Pump 

  • Oil fired Furnace

  • Gas Furnace

  • Floor, wall or pipeless furnace

  • Built-in electric furnace units

Furnace Repair Diagnosis service

Furnace Repair Diagnosis PhillyOne of the areas that Daniels HVAC serving Philadelphia for over 25 years excels in is diagnosis for a furnace repair service. Many furnace repairs service have very similar symptoms requiring someone with many years of experience in multiple systems to make a quick determination of the problem and the course of the furnace repair. Because most furnaces use a dual power system, meaning that there is a base power supply and a relay switch through a thermostat… the solution for a proper furnace repair is not easily revealed.  

Many HVAC furnace repair services in Philadelphia use general laborers in the attempt to save money when they come out to your home or business for a furnace repair diagnosis service, the end result is they’re doing on-the-job training on your dime!

At Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia we invest our experience working with many different types of gas furnace systems to properly diagnose and repair the problem quickly and accurately. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to make sure that the furnace repair diagnosis backs up our diagnosis and estimate. In many cases furnace repairs diagnosis service Philadelphia can be made without any unnecessary replacement of parts… Which is where experience really pays off.

When is furnace installation is need rather than repair?

The experts at Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia have gained a reputation over the last 25 years of being straight shooters with their customers. We would never recommend the installation of furnace unless some of the following factors would apply to a furnace repair:

  • Regardless of the furnace repair, the integrity of the furnace (age) jeopardizes the safety of your home or business

  • The cost of furnace repair for a single visit exceeds 40% of the cost of the new furnace.

  • The cost of a furnace repair in Philadelphia becomes excessive (More than 4 service calls per year)

  • If the current efficiency level of the furnace is effecting the monthly budget

  • The age of the furnace makes either the cost or the practicality of a furnace repair ineffective

  • A changeover to a furnace that utilizes a safer means of heating fuel

  • A home addition or renovation that would strain the current size of your furnace

The professional at Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia do not have high priced commissioned sales people nor do we get kickbacks from manufacturers that would motivate us to encourage you to prematurely replace your furnace. It’s simple, we use our experience and our connections to get you the best price possible on a furnace installation Philadelphia.

As a matter of fact if find that another HVAC in Philadelphia is cheaper for comparable workmanship and parts… We’ll beat it every time!

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