6 Features of a Plumbing Repair Company


6 Features of a Plumbing Repair Company
PLUMBING REPAIR MANThe right plumbing company can provide with satisfactory services. Whether you are doing water heater installation or pipes repair, it is important to be clear on the type of company you work with from the get-go. If you are not careful, you may have to ask another company to redo work that had been done by the original one. Here are the characteristics of a good plumbing service provider:
1. Stability of Service
Before you hire a plumbing company, do an online search to establish how stable they are. Check the company profile online to know how long the company has been in business. It is also important to know how long the plumbing repair company has been operating in your area. In the end, knowing the kind of service to expect from the company is very important.
2. Cost
It is important to know the items included in the invoice before you hire a company. Some companies have hidden extra costs which end up inflating the final price. Apart from the quotation you receive, the company may also charge you according to the time spent on your premises and the fuel consumed in the process. A good company is one which spells out the costs long before they start working. Where in doubt, call the company and have a customer service representative explain the breakdown of costs.
3. Warranty or Guarantee of Work
Nothing hurts like having to pay for plumbing services twice. As such, it is important to get a company that can fix any problems that arise from the repair work. If they have a warranty, read through it to have a clear understanding of the details. Check for the warranty’s expiry period. Importantly, safely keep the warranty documents to ensure the company does necessary repairs when you need them.
4. Insurance
Working with an insured plumber will save you a lot of money when it comes to compensating workers who are injured in their line of duty. If you hire an unlicensed plumber, you will be liable for any injuries. Ensure you hire a plumber who has a workman’s compensation policy as well as a public liability one.
5. 24/7 Emergency Service
You can never tell when your pipes will start leaking. To be prepared for any eventuality, you should hire a plumbing service that operates on a 24/7 basis. Regardless of the time of the day or night, you need their services, the company should be able to respond without any further delay. Together with having a standby staff, it should be ready with all the equipment required for the work.
6. Clean-Up Services
Soon after the water heater installation, the plumber might leave your house untidy. Before you hire the company, first, ask them if they do any sort of cleaning after work. If it doesn’t, then you have to grapple with getting rid of the old materials and grease left behind after the work. It could be necessary to know how the cleaning will be done. If you have to pay the workers to do it, the company should make it known.
Clearly, a company that does pipes repair cannot just be picked on the street. A little bit of due diligence is necessary to ensure you get the best services.

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picture of plumbing fixture5 common problems that necessitate plumbing service repair and maintenance
Most homeowners or renters have a few vital tools to take care of minor plumbing emergencies. Some issues such as a clogged toilet or slow drain may require a little elbow grease to take care of it. However, bigger issues may require the hiring of a plumbing service repair professional. Even if the problem is small, trying to do it yourself may lead to an even bigger problem. That’s where a plumbing service maintenance specialist comes in handy. Here are some of the most common jobs that require a plumbing service repair specialist:
1-Dripping faucets
A dripping faucet can be a nuisance when you are trying to sleep. That’s in addition to driving your water bill higher than usual. With a dripping faucet, you can be sure to send hundreds of gallons of water down the drain, annually. In most cases, it’s the pressure of the incoming water that wears out the washers allowing a tiny trickle of water that causes the drip. A plumbing service repair specialist should be able to help you with this. They will not just check the dripping problem but also ensure plumbing system is well maintained.
2-Low water pressure
This is manifested when water gushes out of your taps only in trickles. That doesn’t mean there is any problem with your pipes but the municipal water supply would be to blame. Also, there might be a build-up of sediments and deposits in the faucet aerators leading to diminished pressure. Although there are a few issues you could solve on your own, calling in a plumbing service maintenance specialist is the best way to go about it. Especially so it the low water pressure is caused by a leak in the piping system. You definitely need a plumbing service repair specialist to pinpoint the problem.
3-Running toilet
After a long time of use, the toilet may become hard to stop after flushing. This could be an indication of a bigger problem with the inner system. Solving the problem may require the replacement of the flapper valve to allow water to pass from the tank to the toilet in a proper manner. While you might want to use a toilet repair kit, it’s much better if you called in a plumbing service repair specialist. Unlike you, they have worked with these systems before and understand just how to go about the repairs.
Without mattering exactly where the problem is leaks can be very costly in the long run. As a layman, you might not know exactly how to do the repairs. Unlike a plumbing service maintenance specialist, you just cannot tell whether it’s the pipe that should be replaced if only the joint. So ensure you get the best services available.
5-Slow or clogged drains
Clogs usually become apparent when the water in your sink cannot totally go out. While you can use a plunger to apply pressure to unclog the drain, it’s usually good to call in a plumbing service repair specialist to help you out. A professional will be able to take a comprehensive look at your entire drainage system to ensure the problem is adequately dealt with.
So always be on the lookout. You never can tell when you will need a plumbing service maintenance specialist.

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Water heater installation & repair Philadelphia

Water heater installation & repair Philadelphia

picture of man repairing water heater in philadelphiaNever wait for the cold winter to set in before repairing your water heater. Not that you don’t need hot water in summer! Far from it. It’s just that the heater will come in handy over winter. Repairing your water heater will definitely cost you some money. Knowing how the cost of repairs is arrived at should save you lots of stress. Your water heater installation & Repair Company in Philadelphia should be able to show you how this cost is determined.

Here are a few pointers to the cost of repairing a water heater:

  The cause of the issue

Because of their simplicity and straight forwardness, there are very few things that can go wrong in conventional water heaters. Either a gas burner or electric element heats the water leading to the build-up of pressure in the tank. It’s this pressure that forces water out when you turn on the tap. Thus the failure of water flowing out could be due to a broken thermostat, tripped circuit breaker, or a pilot light out. Also, the heating element could be faulty or broken.Your water heater installation & Repair Company in Philadelphia says it’s relatively inexpensive to repair and replace any of these parts. With time, however, minerals in the water react with steal causing corrosion of the water tank. Leaks in the water heater might mean replacement of the entire system.

   Repairing or replacing?

A conventional water storage tank and heater should last for between 10 to 15 years. If you have used your unit for any length of time within that range you might just replace it. Your water heater installation & Repair Company in Philadelphia advice that you should avoid regular age-related problems. They, however, they advise you to repair it if it’s only a few years old.

   Consider having a more efficient system

The water heater installation & Repair Company in Philadelphia vouch for the efficiency of modern water heaters. Apart from heating your water better and faster, they also have the ability to help you save on energy costs. Most of the modern water heating systems are foam-insulated resulting in higher retention of heat. With new glass liners, water tanks are less susceptible to corrosion.

You will definitely pay some money to your water heater installation & repair company in Philadelphia for the installation services. However, you should expect to pay up to 20 percent less with a modern water heating system. No matter how much the new water heater costs, it’s much more cost effective than your old one.

   Have other costs in mind

Replacing your water heater might not be as putting a new system in place. You might have to upgrade water supply pipes, venting system, drain pan, and water heater mounts. Your water heater installation & Repair Company in Philadelphia will definitely help you address these issues before installing a new system.

Whether you have a traditional water heater or a new one, maintenance is key to ensuring longevity. Remove sediments by flushing your tank at least once in a year. You will save lots of money when your water heater operates more efficiently.

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Benefits of working with a plumbing repair service agreement

Benefits of working with a plumbing repair service agreement

picture of plumbing tools or plumbing partsMost people who engage plumbing repair service providers do it as remedial measures rather than preventative. This is because people tend to ignore the plumbing needs in their homes until there is the need for service repair. They might not know that it’s better to be proactive about maintenance and inspection of the plumbing system. This can be a bit daunting if you are an average homeowner. It’s all because of the intricacy of the plumbing system with a network of interconnected parts. There is no need to worry. You can have a service agreement with a local service provider for the many benefits it comes with.

Here are the benefits of having a plumbing service agreement:

  Prevention is better than repair

Your plumbing service agreement should include an annual inspection and repair of the plumbing service in your home. With this, you can be able to prevent damages to the plumbing system that will result in increased repair costs. The technician will ensure that all the components of your plumbing works are in good working conditions. Some of the annual services to be done include flushing the water heater tank. The technician will also ensure the gas and water pressure is at the right level. The annual inspection, therefore, is preventative in its approach. You will be able to address a problem before they culminate in a serious situation of disrepair.

  Greater efficiency and longevity

Apart from stopping problems, annual service can maximize efficiency and longevity of your plumbing system. If you have appliances such as water heaters, annual maintenance should extend its operating lifespan. If will take you some time before you require to replace these appliances. Also, with annual plumbing service and recalibration, your appliances will be more efficient and minimize utility costs. So, why should you wait till your system has broken down before you can do any repairs?

  Reduced rates

picture of man standing beside water heater installationOf course, you will save lots of money through preventative maintenance service of your plumbing system. However, that is not the only way to save money. When you enter into a subscription service agreement with a plumbing company, you are likely to pay reduced rates. Most companies provide 15 to 20 percent discount on the rates you pay for the service. Who knows, you might even have the trip fees waived in its entirety.

  Specialized customer service

Plumbing service providers, in reality, tend to value their subscribed customers for their loyalty. As such, they tend to give priority service to their agreement subscribers. You are, therefore, more likely to be on top of the list as concerns emergency service calls. If you are an agreement service subscriber you can even get off-hour and weekend plumbing repair fee increments removed. You will, therefore, avoid paying extra to have a drain unclogged at 4 am on a Sunday.

There is no reason why you should keep groping in the dark. With a Daniels HVAC service agreement, you can easily have a plumbing repair service provider at your beck and call. Talk to your favorite company today for a quick agreement.

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5 Types of Emergency Plumbing Services

5 Types of Emergency Plumbing Services

Commercial or residential plumbing services range from minor or major repairing. Your plumbing system might be experiencing leaks and clogs that need some plumbing services to unclog or tighten the faucet to stop dripping. Plumbing services are of different types, but some of these emergency plumbing services include: water heater installation service.

Broken water pipes

Broken water pipes caused severe damage to your property. Broken water pipes require a lot of work to fix them, so it’s not advisable to do it yourself. The first step in fixing a broken pipe is turning off the main water supply to prevent flooding, then seek professional plumbing services as broken water pipes fixing require digging under your floor to fix.

Toilet or bathroom plumbing

When your toilet/ bath clogs, it is relatively simple to fix, but when the plumbing system fails completely, it will wreak havoc to your property leaving you with a huge bill for extensive home damage caused. You need to contact professional plumbing services for the best bathroom or toilet repair and maintenance to avoid total clogging and eventually failing.

Sewer line blockage

When the sewer line blocks, you need to immediately repair or replace them to avoid flooding and severe damage to your property. After noticing sewer blockage, shut the main water valve before contacting a qualified plumber to offer the necessary plumbing services.

picture of plumberWater heater leaks

A water heater is the last thing you want to fail, especially during cold seasons. Dealing with freezing water and messy leaks are painful. It’s advisable to seek regular water heater maintenance of your water heater system, but in case it fails, contact a professional water heater plumbing services to repair or re-install.

Gas leaks

A gas leak is the most dangerous leaks to your property as it can cause an explosion or fire. When you suspect a gas leak, first shut down the main gas valve before calling a plumber. The plumber should be trained and qualified to handle gas leaks to avoid accidents or future leaks. Because gas leaks are dangerous you need to evacuate your property till the leak is detected and repaired.

Acquiring plumbing service is a method of home improvement and its savvy friendly. It’s a smart move to have the contact of a qualified plumber or plumbing company in case of emergencies, especially the life-threatening ones. Plumbing companies offer plumbing services 24 hours and seven days a week all year long.

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Home Plumbing Repairs – Easy ways to repair

Home Plumbing Repairs – Easy ways to repair

Home Plumbing Repairs – Easy ways to repair

picture of man doing plumbing repairRepairing running toilets, faucets, and replacing fixtures like shower heads are some of the home plumbing repair problems that you can solve yourself without having a need of a plumber.

These much easier to do tasks save you from spending money on plumbers if you tackle them efficiently. All you need is some plumbing equipment with you that will cost you lesser than the fees a professional plumber.

To start with, make sure you have turned off the water flowing of the part you are working on. There are easy-to-access gate valves to turn on or off the water supply. If you do not find the gate valves to shut down the water flow of that particular part, you will have to turn off the main water supply of your home to work on your plumbing repairs. Having the right tools and equipment also help a great deal.

Read on to know about simple plumbing repairs that you can do without the need of any expert.


                                                                   Leaking faucets:

gas meter / gas pipeingThe leaking problem in faucets is usually caused by any problem in its handle. What you have to do is to take out the handle, and pop out the mechanism. Spot the part that is causing trouble and replace it. If you are unable to spot out defected piece you can get a new faucet kit and replace it. Faucet mechanism usually works in three ways i.e. rotating ball valve, cartridge, and ceramic disk.

Installation of a new shower head:

Installing a new shower head is considered to be one of the easiest plumbing projects. You simply have to unscrew the existing shower head from the pipe coming out of the wall that is known as shower arm. Look for the threads coming out of the shower arm and clean them. Screw the new showerhead on. In some cases, you may need to wrap a Teflon tape around your pipe. See the installation manual that comes with new shower head and only use the tape only if it is required to.

Noisy Pipes solution:

 You might have heard a high-pitched squeal like sound coming out of your shower while turning it on. This may be caused by water flow at a certain pressure that creates vibrations in pipes. Fixing it is rather simple. You can simply replace the shower head and add a flow control device or the shower arm. If the sound still does not stop, replace the wear parts in the valve of the shower. The irritating sound will be gone.

frozen busted water pipeIt may happen that the water pressure of whole of your area is high hence you hear those noises. In this case, the issue is out of your reach and you will have to contact your water utility to resolve the issue.

In some cases, plumbing can be tricky. If, at any point, you feel that you are stuck, do not hesitate to seek a professional help. But you must need to learn some basic straightforward tasks by yourself to avoid extra costs. Daniels HVAC company in Philadelphia will be their for you.

Water Heater repair / installation                   

Frozen Pipes or broken pipes

Gas pipes repair /installation

Water pipes repair

Toilet repair / installation