The Benefits of a Good HVAC System Installation

The Benefits of a Good HVAC System Installation

daniels stand beside new hvac installationIf you are looking for greater home comfort and improved energy efficiency, you should think of getting a new HVAC system. However, you won’t get all the benefits if your HVAC system installation isn’t done in the right way. A poorly installed HVAC system will not provide your home with the heating and cooling you want. To make it worse, it will only lead to soaring energy bills. You, therefore, need to work with a professional you are sure will give you a good HVAC system installation.

The following are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

     Installation process made easy

When you want to replace your old HVAC system with a new one, you should work with a professional. They will not just give you a good HVAC system installation but one that’s made to look simple and easy. In fact, you should sit back and relax while your new system is being installed. You will not just save you time but also enable you to avoid the stress associated with attempting to remove old equipment and installing new appliances. Once the work is done, you can rest easy knowing that the professional has fully tested your new equipment for performance and safety. There is, therefore, no reason why you shouldn’t hire a professional to do for you a good HVAC system installation.

     Better performance and system longevity

A new HVAC system is expensive for most people. If you are looking to get the most from your purchase, you must ensure you work with an experienced technician. A good HVAC system installation is key to the immediate and long-term performance of both the cooling and heating components. Imagine having an HVAC system that provides you with the comfort and energy savings you expect from the get-go. That’s what you get by working with a professional. A good installation also assures you that your HVAC system will last for a long time to come. A properly installed heating system is protected from lots of strain when you start using it. That way, you can be sure your HVAC system will last for the full expected lifetime and give you the maximum expected returns.

     Guarantee of service

When you install a new HVAC system, you get a guarantee from the manufacturer. A good HVAC system installation also comes with a service guarantee from the professional you engage in the work. You, therefore, don’t have to worry when you get a problem with your new heating and cooling system. After all the workmanship of the installation is something you are already assured of. If a problem arises along the way or you are not happy with the way your system is working, the technician is at your beck and call. You can be sure of the health and comfort of your family as well as the installation.

Talk to a professional today for a good HVAC system installation. With the many benefits you will get, you will never regret it.

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Is it time to replace your heating system?

Is it time to replace your heating system?

PICTURE OF OLD FURNACEIt is that time of the year again when you will need to be turning on your furnace around the clock. While it is important to check out for any issues that call for repairs, you might have to replace your old heater to guarantee heat for your home throughout the winter.

So how can you tell it’s time to replace your old heater? There is a checklist you can go through to determine if it is time to get rid of your old heater. It includes the following:

  1   Furnace age older than 15 years

If you have a furnace that’s older than fifteen years and which has been having maintenance issues lately, you need to have it replaced. It doesn’t matter if it is still working. The operational thing here is that it is not as efficient as it was when it was new, even with maintenance.

Just like vehicles, older furnaces tend to require more maintenance. In fact, many break down the most during their last two years of life. With a furnace with an age of between 15 to 20 years, you will pay 15 percent more in maintenance than a new one. So why not replace it.

  2   Increasing energy bills and repairs expenses

For an older furnace to provide the same levels of energy as it did when it was new, it has to work much harder. The result is higher bills and frequent repairs. Don’t worry if there is only a slight increase in these costs. Take note if there is a spike in your energy bill and you are having to contact your repairman more often. Get a new furnace. It could be expensive in the short-term but which will help you save money in the long run.

  3   Different temperatures in different rooms of your home

Did you know that having an old furnace can result in some of your rooms being warmer or colder than others? In fact, when an old furnace is combined with an outdated duct system, it is not possible to distribute heat evenly throughout your house. The best solution is to simply install a new HVAC system.

  4   Soot around the registers in your home

When you have an old furnace, expect it to start spewing rust, dirt, and dust particles. These can turn out to be an irritant as well as a health hazard. Soot and rust around the furnace or registers is a sign that you have too much C02 being produced. Don’t wait till your family members start experiencing itchy throats, dry eyes, and headaches. Just replace your old furnace.

  5   A noisy furnace

Your furnace will make some noise when you turn it on and off. When the noise becomes louder, you may need to replace the entire unit. That’s especially when you hear rattling, popping, humming, screeching or squealing sounds. While most of these can be addressed through repairs and maintenance, replace your heater if they persist or increase in loudness.

If you are having one or more of the issues discussed above, it’s time to replace your heater.

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5 features of a Facility Maintenance Company

5 features of a Facility Maintenance Company

hvac system How is the facility maintenance company you have been engaging for work in your home? Are they the punctual type or the kind that shows up late for work? Can you say they have given you the best services, so far? Finding a facility maintenance company that will give you the best services shouldn’t be much of a hassle. After all, you don’t have to spend lots of time dealing with maintenance issues when you have pending work and personal issues to deal with.

The following are things you should look for when hiring a facility maintenance company:

1  Quick response to your requests

There is nothing you will appreciate like a facility maintenance company that responds urgently to your call for services. You need to be confident that they care about your maintenance issues as much as you do. If their staff is well trained, you will be sure they will treat your work with so much importance that they will show up on time. Besides, they should be able to complete the work with great efficiency. Giving you a follow-up call is one way of relieving you of stressful situations.

2  Meeting your needs

After maintenance work, the company should be able to check for any needs they haven’t met. This may involve talking to customers as well as employees. The maintenance company leaves you with the freedom to deal with your clients and have some personal and family time.

3  Leaving nothing out

To be sure they have carried out the task you asked of them in its entirety, a facility maintenance company should give attention to detail. As soon as the job is complete, they need to carry out tests so they don’t miss anything. Since they are in charge of the job, they should have no problem taking ownership of any problems that may occur.

4  Service beyond normal

When you are working with a great facility maintenance company, they should be able to give you service around the clock. It wouldn’t matter whether it’s night or day; the company will be there for you always. As you know, emergencies can happen at the least expected time. It could be in the morning, midday, evening, or late at night. A facility maintenance company should be at your beck and call, twenty-four-seven. You may be away on holiday but the company isn’t.

5  High understanding of the job

The facility maintenance company you hire should be one whose top management is abreast with the industry in which they operate. The company will better understand your needs if they have worked on such a job before. Part of the required experience involves hiring and managing service suppliers and vendors. Since they know what you want, they are able to empathize with your unique needs and daily challenges. It’s only a facility maintenance company that takes this approach that can give you the best service.

What’s it that you want a facility maintenance company to do for you? Don’t be afraid to give us a call when you have an issue with your HVAC system. If anything, we can provide maintenance services before an emergency occurs.

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Hire a professional HVAC repair services provider in Philadelphia

Hire a professional HVAC repair services provider in Philadelphia

picture of mr daniels of Daniels HVAC philadelphiaYou will always be tempted to solve some of the issues with your furnace or air conditioner on your own. What you may not expect is how expensive the job might just turn out to be. If anything, you might end up hurting yourself if you do not know what you are doing. Although the cost of hiring a professional HVAC repair services provider in Philadelphia might be high, the benefits are also many.

Rather than doing the work yourself, here are the benefits of hiring a professional for HVAC-related jobs:

# 1 reason. Professional HVAC repair services providers in Philadelphia have the know-how required for efficient working of your furnace and air conditioner. Compared to you, they have the right training for the job. Doing the job yourself or through a friend may seem cheap but end up being more expensive in the long run. After all, a professional will know exactly which repairs are needed to fix your HVAC system.

# 2 reason. Most HVAC repair services providers in Philadelphia have the certification they acquired after training. As such, they know what needs to be done and how to safely go about it. As for you, there is a likelihood of making a mistake, injuring yourself or damaging your home.

# 3 reason. Most reputable and established HVAC repair services companies in Philadelphia have better payment terms. You might get a discount, special services, credit card payment, and financing for affordability and convenience.

# 4 reason. Why should you worry about the tools for the job when you are working with a professional HVAC repair services provider? When you hire a professional in Philadelphia, they will come with everything they need to carry out the job. Expect them to come with a truckload of tools so the job can be done quickly and efficiently.

# 5 reason. Many companies that provide HVAC repair services in Philadelphia usually require their employees to go for training every year. This ensures they are kept abreast of changes in code and requirements for licenses in the area. Professionals, therefore, tend to be highly trained and developed.

# 6 reason. The HVAC repair services professional you hire should ideally come from your locality in Philadelphia. This is to enable you call them whenever you need their services. You never know what will happen in future! If you work with a local, they are literally at your beck and call.

# 7 reason. Professional companies that provide HVAC repair services in Philadelphia really do understand your problem. After all, which problem can you show them that they haven’t dealt with or seen before? They have seen and done it all and they know the exact solution to your problem.

# 8 reason. Have you ever seen a professional HVAC repair services provider who doesn’t know the latest information required? Most likely you haven’t seen one in Philadelphia! A professional is knowledgeable about permits and inspections required for your HVAC system. They will share this information with you as required.

The bottom line is that working with a professional HVAC repair services provider in Philadelphia is the best option. So why not get yourself one?

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Choosing the right HVAC repair company, few tips to consider

Choosing the right HVAC repair company, few tips to consider

exhaust fan vetilationThere are a few things that are needed to be mindful of when it comes to selecting the right HVAC repair company. Turning to an HVAC company you can trust is one of the very first thing, it is after this that you can start thinking of building a rapport in order to facilitate understanding. It is pertinent to note that the benefits enjoyed from your HVAC Repair Company is far beyond repair, you also stand to enjoy other benefits like assistance, personalized advice and long-term savings on home comfort. You need to know whether the company deals with the right kind of equipment, will help you upgrade the equipment when necessary and will give you regular maintenance. Choosing the right company can make a vast difference to the working condition of your system and safe you a lot of stress and money. Highlighted below are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right HVAC repair company:

Start with Information and References

One of the best ways to go is to do a thorough investigation about the company. Talk to colleagues, friends and neighbors about the company they are using. Check online for information about the company and visit local bulletin boards, just make sure you are fully equipped with the right kind of information before you choose the right HVAC repair company for yourself. 

Be Aware of their Range of Services

chimney liner systemIt is better to go for HVAC Repair Company that provides both general and specialized repair services like ventilation. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, they are well equipped to provide affordable solution in ventilation in a shortest time frame. They know how to solve problems regarding your HVAC and they have the expertise to do it safely, quickly and professionally. You will be sure of getting preventive maintenance tune-up, dryer ducts through the wall installation, stove exhaust fan and ventilation installation and extensive furnace or AC repairs also chimney liner to vent the exhaust. They will deliver the exact service needed by you with high quality level. They will be able to keep records of your HVAC system, such as repair history so as to help in making the right decisions as far as HVAC service is concerned.

Consider Value and Price

Going for low priced HVAC Repair Company may be better, but there is need to also check the value of what they offer. Cost-effectiveness alone cannot guarantee satisfaction. There is need to think about value and not only price. So, you may need to make sure that the value added to your HVAC is worth paying for bearing in mind the fact that HVAC systems are very complex systems.

Think about the Brand

dryer duct Choose an HVAC repair company with proven expertise in handling your brand of equipment. You can ascertain this by visiting their website. Such a company should be able to offer professional technicians in handling your type of equipment like chimney liner, dryer ducts, stove exhaust fan.

Compare Prices

This is one of the best ways to choose the right HVAC repair company. Get multiple price quotes for you to be able to compare details. With this, you will be able to choose the company that will offer you all-inclusive range of services.

Think about Availability

Do not forget that some cooling and heating emergencies need instant attention. You must choose a company that will be available 24/7 to offer the exact expert service that you need. This will help eliminate any form of stress linked with heating and cooling breakdowns.

Choosing the right HVAC repair company is very possible when you keep these tips in mind. Do not forget that the right support system will optimize the performance of your equipment. With Us, you are sure of getting the best personnel, equipment and services. Contact us today at and call us now 267-971-3639 for all of your cooling and heating & ventilation needs.

Should I use a Ductless Mini Split HVAC system for my Philadelphia home?

Man installing a Ductless Mini Split - Ductless Mini Split HVAC system installation, maintenance and repair services in PhiladelphiaWith so many different types of HVAC systems available in the Philadelphia area, trust Daniels HVAC to match the right HVAC system for home’s needs. Each HVAC system that is available in the Philadelphia area has advantages and disadvantages. To see if a Ductless Mini Split HVAC system is right for you, we need to look at a couple of quick things:

  • Are you having a room addition built in your Philadelphia home?

  • Are you renovating your attic or basement to a livable space?

  • Do you want the flexibility of having different temperatures in different rooms?

  • Do you have a Philadelphia home that does not currently have air-conditioning?

  • Do you like to save money?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions above than a Ductless Mini Split Unit installed by Daniels HVAC may be the perfect choice to provide heating and cooling comfort in your Philadelphia home. To understand what makes the Ductless Mini Split System unique, let’s look at how a Ductless Mini Split System works.

Ductless Mini Split HVAC Overview

A Ductless Mini Split System is a unit that has one outdoor compressor unit that goes to independently controlled pods or units located in each room. Residents in Philadelphia can understand this concept having seen independent radiator heaters or baseboard heaters that have been traditionally used for many years in Philadelphia homes. Because this is a heat pump system the technology allows it to:

  • Pump heat out of the inside of each room independently and pump it outside during the summer.


  • Pump in warm air from the outside into each room independently during the winter.

This process of heat transfer is extremely efficient with very few moving parts so maintenance on these types of heat pump systems is very low. To see more about how a heat pump system works click here.

Daniels HVAC has been Serving the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Call today to see the difference experience can make! (267) 971-3639

Ductless Mini Split System versus traditional heat and air conditioning systems

Adjusting Ductless Mini Split - Ductless Mini Split HVAC system installation, maintenance and repair services in PhiladelphiaA Ductless Mini Split System installed by Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia, in many ways, is more efficient than a traditional forced air heating and air-conditioning system.

A traditional heating system that utilizes a forced air, gas or electric furnace works from a simple concept of heating air and then forcing it into the home through the ductwork. This ductwork has been routed throughout the walls, ceilings and floors of the Philadelphia home. Because the heated air, in some cases, needs to travel some distance to get to rooms within the home it loses some of its heat and efficiency (as much as 30% depending on the insulation used!) In addition, many older forced air heating systems in Philadelphia do not have return vents independent for each room or area creating an inefficient capacity for recirculation and reheating. Traditional forced air heating systems in Philadelphia also can create cool zones (areas that received no heat) within the home based upon how the ductwork was positioned.

A Ductless Mini Split HVAC system eliminates the need for ductwork, therefore instantly it is more efficient than traditional heating system. It additionally will allow for the elimination of cold zones commonly found in traditional heating systems as well. Add to that the advantage of being able to set the comfort level in each room can significantly increase the efficiency and drastically reduce your heating bill. By lowering the temperature in rooms seldom used you can essentially decrease the workload that the heating system needs to keep the home comfortable.

Pro’s and Con’s Ductless Mini Split HVAC system

Cleaning the filters in the Ductless Mini Split HVAC system in PhiladelphiaYou’ve  come to know Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia as a straight shooter over the last 25 years… and were going to be no different here.  In this article we have addressed many of the advantages of a Ductless Mini Split HVAC system; but we should discuss the two disadvantages of this type of system:

The Wall Mounted Unit

Unlike a traditional forced air heating and air-conditioning unit that has a centrally positioned blower, a Ductless Mini Split HVAC system uses independent units mounted on the wall 6-8 inches from the ceiling. Depending on the size and layout of the room, this unit may create a visual point that might not match the style of the room.

Heat Pump Technology

Because the Ductless Mini Split HVAC system utilizes heat pump technology (see article on heat pumps) in extreme cold conditions a backup heating system may be necessary. To keep with the comfort zone advantages we would recommend utilizing an electric baseboard heating system that would only kick in to help keep the temperature at your desired comfort level.

When experience counts

Daniels HVAC has been the Philadelphia area expert in Ductless Mini Split HVAC system installations, maintenance and repair for years. With our reputation and customer service going back 25 years in the Philadelphia area, customers have come to trust our expertise when helping decide which HVAC system will work best in your Philadelphia home. Because there are so many different systems available such as the Ductless Mini Split HVAC system, we can discuss with you your needs, budget and application of your HVAC unit to make sure that you get the very best price for the HVAC unit that will fit your individual need.

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Why do you need to carry out maintenance works on your cooling and heating system?

Why do you need to carry out maintenance works on your cooling and heating system?

Heating Repair Company Philadelphia and HVAC Repair Company Philadelphia.

HEATING REPAIR COMPANYApart from the money you spend buying or building the house, installing your heating and cooling system is vital! It is one of the largest investments you will ever make trying in your home. Proper service not only helps keep you’re A/C system running efficiently but also helps to give you’re A/C unit more life and prevent premature replacement. On the other hand, poorly maintained air conditioning systems lead to increased cost of cooling and heating system repair and replacement.

Your repair and maintenance partners Heating Repair Company Philadelphia and HVAC Repair Company Philadelphia will show you why maintaining your cooling and heating system is important. The following are the things that can happen to a poorly maintained cooling and heating system.

 1 Clogging of the evaporator coil

Failure to replace your air filter every 30 days could lead to clogging of your evaporator coil. Apart from leading to poor cooling and heating, this will lead to irreversible damage to your compressor. The result will be high operational costs for repairs and replacement of the compressor.

  2 Failure of the condenser coil

Not cleaning the condenser coil in the outdoor unit for years can lead to its premature failure consequently increasing cooling and heating repair and replacement costs. For your systems to operate at their maximum potential, you certainly need to ensure your condenser coil is regularly cleaned.

 3 Premature compressor failure

Your pets, dogs or cats, should not be allowed to turn the condenser unit into their territory. The deterioration that is likely to result from your canine clawing their paws at the condenser unit may cause poor performance, premature compressor failure, and high operational costs.

  4 Home fires

Your high voltage electrical connections should be done at the highest standards to prevent damage by resultant fires. Not to mention that such fires can cause damage running into thousands of dollars, if not caught on time. Hence why we recommend frequent maintenance works.

  5 Health problems to the family

For both your cooling and heating system, air must flow through the ductwork to give you the required temperatures in your house. However, if your ducts have taken a long time to clean, they may have accumulated a lot of dust and dirt which is passed on to your family’s airspace. This may cause respiratory health problems to members of your family.

hvac maintenance toolsYou may not have the knowledge to do your cooling and heating system repair and maintenance works on your own. No need to worry! Heating Repair Company Philadelphia and HVAC Repair Company Philadelphia is where you need to look for help! We will handle all your cooling and heating repair and maintenance needs.

Using our professionally trained and qualified technicians, we offer professional and affordable services on all kinds for air conditioning and heating brands and machines.

Heating Repair Company Philadelphia and HVAC Repair Company Philadelphia technicians first inspect your heating system before they carry out any cooling and heating system repair or maintenance.

We are exactly what your heating and cooling system requires!

Importance of hvac service from leading HVAC REPAIR COMPANY

Importance of hvac service from leading HVAC REPAIR COMPANY

A well-maintained heating system is one of the most important ways of enjoying winter without difficulties. You will agree with me that we only have few things worse for a home owner than being uncomfortable in his/her own house. You cannot afford to stay in a place that is either too cold or too hot; this will create a lot of discomfort around the house. To live a comfortable life, your heating system must be well maintained through regular servicing by a professional HAVC repair company.  This will not only keep your heating system in an excellent working condition but will also ensure you are comfortable during the winter months. It is pertinent to note that sending your heating system for repairs need huge costs; one of the major ways of avoiding such expenses is through regular precautionary maintenance.

So many heating and air conditioning repairs could be avoided if they are not neglected and are given essential regular preventive maintenance measures. In most cases, they are neglected and are noticed when it is already too late, probably when the ventilating, cooling or heating function already weakens or do not turn on anymore. There is no need to worry yourself much about this as the contractors handing the cleaning, maintenance and inspection can take up the burden. All they need to do is to check the safety controls, system’s operation, connections, electrical components and so on. Yes, this will come with a price tag, but you will be certain of having peace of mind. It is very vital to have HVAC unit service regularly to provide comfort and convenience needed by your family.

Highlighted below are few reasons why you need to invest in your HVAC unit maintenance:

  • Increases Your Units ’Lifespan: To prolong your units’ lifespan, regular maintenance is needed. It helps to keep it in best working condition. If your heating unit has not had a tune up in a while, it might be working overtime. Regular maintenance helps increase units’ lifespan and prevents unnecessary breakdowns.
  • Lower Energy Bills: Your HVAC units breathe and run efficiently when you maintain it on a regular basis. The resultant effect of this is decreasing energy bills which put more money back into your pocket. Any major issue is addressed before they get out of control.
  • Improved Air Quality: When an expert inspects your HVAC unit for any safety hazards, you are improving the air quality and creating a safer environment around your house. Your heating unit can cause fires if left for too long unmaintained. Regular maintenance will ensure clean ducts and air filters which will both increase functionality and improve air quality. 


In conclusion, a well-maintained heating system is a very good idea for your home. Not only will you be more comfortable but you will also reduce the risk of winter hazards like frost on doors and windows and frozen pipes. Regular maintenance will give you the opportunity of putting your savings in other areas. Contact us at for your unprecedented HVAC repair service.

How to save money on your heating bill in Philadelphia

children outside a winter home - Heater repair service PhiladelphiaAs fall turns into winter it’s time to start thinking about running the heat in your Philadelphia home. While making sure that your heating system is running at peak efficiency is one of the best ways to help control your heating bill and your Philadelphia home, this is just one part of keeping your utility bill under control during these cold Philadelphia winters. Daniels HVAC in Philadelphia has been providing outstanding heating and air-conditioning repair services for over 25 years. Because of our extensive knowledge in the HVAC industry we’ve learned a few tips along the way that we would like to pass on to help you keep your heating utilities under control.

Make a list and check it twice

Creating a plan of the things that need to be done to get your Philadelphia home ready for colder temperatures is a clever way to make sure that all the tasks get done before the really cold weather hits. Look around your home and document the obvious things that would allow unwanted cold temperatures into your home; put them on a list with a date for completion. In addition to that we recommend to have a meeting with all the residents that live in the home and discuss conservative measures such as: keeping the doors closed and thermostat control. Sometimes the little things like leaving the door open while you bring in groceries, can bring the temperature of the main area down 10 to 28° within just a few minutes.

Have your heating system maintained

You would expect an HVAC article to have heating system cleaning and maintenance as one of the tips, but it really is a good one! You can refer to our previous article on heater cleaning & maintenance for more detailed information, however; a clean heater is a happy heater. Making sure that your filters are replaced and blowers are free of debris is an essential and necessary step to getting your heating system ready for winter. If your heating system in Philadelphia is over 10 years old we recommend that you have an HVAC professional, such as Daniels HVAC who is been serving Philadelphia for over 25 years, come in and inspect the wiring, burners and combustion chamber to make sure that there’s no damage that could cause you expensive heating repairs down the road.

TIP: Keep your vents uncovered by furniture… even a simple end table can block the convection principle that warms many Philadelphia homes.

Daniels HVAC has been Serving the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Call today to see the difference experience can make! (267) 971-3639

It’s not easy when it’s breezy

red door in Philadelphia - Heater repair service PhiladelphiaDrafty doors and windows are one of the most common issues found in older Philadelphia homes. The gaps that develop as a home settles over the years can create air leaks that allow the cold air to come into your home. While you might think that a little crack around the windows or doors is no big deal, because of pressure density variations, when it is cooler outside and warmer inside it essentially pulls the cold air in; as air of higher density is always pulled by that of a lower density such as warm air.  Also by installing those storm windows instead of screens can help insulate the windows from the cold air.

TIP: Replacing door thresholds and shimming hinges is a cheap way to a help with your utility bill this winter. Also, keep your windows locked. You probably noticed when you go to lock your windows that you have to push them down a little bit more to get the lock to line up.

My heat just flue out of the chimney…

(Some of you might get that joke) for many homes in Philadelphia a fireplace is a nice centerpiece to the living room but it’s also a source of major cold air leaks in your home. Even if you close the flu if the fireplace has not been regularly maintained it may not close completely leaving a clear draft. Because heat rises the chimney is a natural escape for your heat and can make your heater run longer to maintain same temperature. We recommend getting a chimney balloon for your Philadelphia chimney that you insulate to fill the gaps inside your chimney. (Unless of course you use the fireplace, make sure to take it out before you light up the fireplace). You can pick up a chimney balloon at Home Depot or Lowe’s for around $55.

TIP: Research has proven that using a fireplace, while heating the immediate room, actually pulls the temperature down in the other rooms of your home. When operating a fireplace, be sure to close all of the doors to the bathroom and bedrooms to help the temperature differential from pulling the temperature down in those other rooms.

Earn your degree today …

White Thermostat - Heater repair service PhiladelphiaThe thermostat is the heartbeat of your heating system in Philadelphia, and allow you to set the degree of temperature for your comfort level. This is where the advice from Grandma and Grandpa really hits home; by adjusting the temperature down a couple of degrees you can save big money on your utility bill. (Most heating systems that are running efficiently can save 5% per 1 degree down over an eight hour period of time. Most people do not notice a degree or two for the temperature; especially if it’s done over a period of time; for example: lower the temperature from 72° to 71° and then two weeks later lower to 70°.

TIP: Adjust the temperature down while you sleep; you’re already bundled up under blankets so you’re not going to notice the temperature difference, not to mention wearing a sweater and some slippers in the house can also help keep the heater from working as much.

This simple change in temperature will often go unnoticed but can make a big impact when the utility bill comes. Daniels HVAC can install and automated thermostat that helps in the control of the temperature and increased efficiency of your current heating system in Philadelphia.

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors / Fire Alarm Detectors

                                                                                                                             Home Safety tip – Carbon Monoxide Detectors / Fire Alarm Detectors

carbon monoxide detector fire alarm When using gas heater, furnaces, boiler, to heat your homes or powering appliances with electric, wood, oil or coal, homeowners and their families benefit from the preventive services that licensed HVAC contractors provide during annual inspections of your home. Along with maintaining appliances it is also a good idea to regularly test your carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms schedule annual inspections of your home’s heater exhaust system and chimney system.

Why Carbon Monoxide Matters so much.

Burning fuel such as gas, oil, coal or wood, electrical produces carbon dioxide. This gas is responsible for over 30,000 emergency room visits each year in the USA. While utility companies give natural gas an unpleasant odor, carbon monoxide does not have a distinct odor, color, or taste. When individuals state that they smell carbon monoxide, they smell the byproduct of the burning fuel, like smoke or exhaust.

Carbon monoxide exists in nature and bodies need a small percentage of the gas to function. When carbon monoxide enters the body through the inhalation, it binds to hemoglobin in the blood. When this occurs in higher concentrations, red blood cells cannot carry oxygen throughout the body.

Most instances of carbon monoxide poisoning occur when an individual is exposed to the gas in an enclosed space that is not ventilated. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion, drowsiness and vision problems. You might think that you suffering bad food or have the flu, but then find that you feel better when you are outside.

          Carbon Monoxide Poisoning how to prevent

Install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home like in the basement next to the fuel burning appliance including near your bedroom. Even if you do not have gas appliances or a fireplace in your home, it is still a good idea to have at least one detector, particularly if you like to burn candles. Change the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors once a year. Replace the detectors every four years.

Hire a qualified licensed hvac technician to inspect and maintain fuel-burning appliances every year. These appliances include those that run off gas, oil, wood or coal electrical.

Do not use outdoor grills, generators, portable flameless chemical heaters and other items meant for outdoor use inside your home.

If the power goes out for a prolonged period and you do not have fireplace, stay at an emergency shelter, hotel, or friend’s home. Do not try to heat your home using outdoor appliances. If the heating system breaks down and the electricity in your home remains unaffected, contact Daniels HVAC contractor right away.

Ensure that all gas appliances in your home vent outdoors.

If the vent pipes from fuel-burning appliances crack or break, turn the appliance off and call Daniels HVAC technician right away. Hire a professional to inspect and clean your chimneys every year.

Do not leave your car running in the garage, even if the garage door is open